14 Essential Items for a Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re limited on closet space, or if choosing an outfit every day seems overwhelming, then a capsule wardrobe may be for you. A capsule wardrobe limits your closet to basic staples, generally containing less than 40 items. These garments will be your entire wardrobe for about three months, after which you can swap out some of your items for new ones. If you’re interested in creating a capsule wardrobe but don’t know where to start, we’ve created a list of 14 staples.

14 Items to Include in Your Capsule Wardrobe

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  1. Basic tee

Tees are essential layering pieces. You can get a couple of these, but try to choose neutral colors so that they match a variety of other pieces.


  1. Tank top

You’ll want a couple of these to wear under sheer pieces or to give you more coverage.


  1. Blouse

A high-quality blouse is an ideal piece for special events and work. Depending on how you’ll wear it, you can keep it basic or choose one that’s a bit dressier.


  1. Sweater

Get a comfortable sweater, but be sure to choose one that complements the proportions of your other pieces. For example, choose a slim fit sweater to pair with work clothes, or opt for a bulkier one if you’re going for warmth and comfort.


  1. Blazer

A well-tailored blazer is the perfect way to instantly make any outfit look chic. If you wish, you can play with color here instead of opting for a plain black blazer.



  1. Jeans

Be sure to choose a style that coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe. A classic dark wash will complement almost anything.


  1. Cigarette pants

An ankle-length pair of cigarette pants is ideal because it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. A pair of these is essential for balancing out your look.


  1. Basic skirt

The bottom half of your outfit is meant to complement the top, so choose a tasteful skirt that flatters your figure.



  1. Simple black dress

Capsule wardrobe or no, everyone needs a black dress. The right one will instantly make you look amazing, and it’ll go with everything.


  1. Formal occasion dress

Try choosing something that’s the opposite of your basic black dress for this option. Select a dress that’s fun and colorful—something that’ll make you smile every time you open your closet.



  1. Scarves

The versatility of a scarf makes it a fun addition to your wardrobe. Get a couple patterned ones to play up the muted basics in your wardrobe.


  1. Flats

A comfortable pair of flats is essential. Choose something cute but practical; we recommend a pair with arch support.


  1. Heels

Every girl needs her high heels—the hard part is choosing just one pair. Try a few different types and see which one best fits with the rest of your pieces.


  1. Handbag

Your handbag will likely go with anything, so you should look primarily for quality. This item will possibly be the one you get the most use out of, so it may be worth a splurge.




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Written by Logan Voss

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