Tips to Help You Dress for Success in the Workplace

Determining what you should wear to work is often more difficult than what you originally think. It can seem like a simple thing when your manager first discusses it with you—a manner of common sense. However, when you’re standing in front of your closet, what was once a simple decision now seems a bit more confusing. But don’t worry—we’ve compiled these helpful tips to get you dressing for success in the workplace.

Take Note of What Your Superiors are Wearing

One of the best ways to tell if you’re adhering to the dress code is to compare what you’re wearing to what your manager is. However, with that said, this observation is simply to give you a guideline to follow. You shouldn’t be copying their outfits or dressing in a manner that doesn’t suit you. Be sure to find a style that works with your body type and personality while sticking to your company’s dress code rules.

Familiarize Yourself with the Dress Code

Though it might not be the most exciting read, it’s crucial that you understand what your workplace considers to be appropriate and inappropriate dress. Having this basic knowledge will make it easier for you to determine which clothing items you can wear, and which ones you should keep for your days off. Be sure that you apply this information to the smaller sections of your outfit as well, such as jewelry and perfume fragrances.

Always Appear as Neat as Possible

Even if your work’s dress code is business casual, it doesn’t mean that you have a pass to come to work in ripped jeans and a sweatshirt. Regardless of the dress code, you should always appear neat and put-together; you want to come across as professional as possible. This includes being cleanly shaven, keeping makeup subtle, and maintaining clean and unwrinkled work clothes.

Remember the Dress Code Staples

As you read through the dress code, take note of the clothing items that you can’t go wrong wearing. Usually, these items are plain work pants or khakis with a sweater, blouse, or button-up shirt. Some colors you’ll want to include in your wardrobe are black, gray, and navy because they’re considered to be more professional than brighter ones. If you find yourself to be unsure about whether a particular clothing item is work appropriate, it’s best to play it safe and not wear it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Figuring out your work’s dress code can be confusing—especially when you first start the job. If reading through the official document doesn’t answer all of your questions, remember that it’s okay to ask your boss about it. Taking the initiative to ask questions about the dress code will not only show that you want to abide by the company standards, but that you are willing to put yourself out there to get the answers that you need.

Be Prepared for Anything

Not only is it important that you wear the appropriate attire for work, but you should also be prepared for any instance where you have to dress up a little more. For instance, if you know you have a meeting with a client later in the day, you may wear business casual clothing to work but bring along a blazer to make yourself appear more professional for the meeting. It’s because of situations like this that you should always be aware of your schedule, so you can adjust your outfit accordingly.

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Written by Logan Voss

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