4 Adult Fairy Tales

We all know a few fairy tales. Every culture is riddled with these legends, folklore, tall tales, and mysteries. From creatures that lurk in the woods to entire parallel worlds, these tales blur our image of the world around us and make us question everything we thought we knew about reality. These adult fairy tales will make you think twice about dismissing that movement in the corner of your eye.

In the constant struggle for power between humans and sirens, siren royal Lira truly loves the hunt. Collecting the hearts of seventeen princes, her ruthlessness knows no bounds. But when Lira is forced to kill one of her fellow sirens, she is punished. Transformed into a human, Lira’s last hope is to capture the heart of yet another prince—the siren hunter, Prince Elian. This tale certainly isn’t The Little Mermaid that you remember.

Red Cape Agent Clemeny Louvel is sent by Queen Victoria herself to investigate when London’s top minds seemingly vanish into the fog. Partnered with one of the monsters she’s charged with hunting, trust doesn’t come easily to the agent. With action-packed imagery and plenty of witty banter, this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood adds a riveting chapter to the Steampunk Fairy Tale series.

Winter nights in the Russian wilderness are long and harsh. With snow-drifts higher than the village homes and paralyzing winds that blister the skin, nature’s forces truly test the faith of locals. However, Vasilisa doesn’t much mind the cold as it gives her an excuse to stay curled up indoors with her siblings, listening to tales of the spirits that manage their lands. But when the village is plagued by misfortune, Vasilisa must turn to those very spirits for help. With lyrical prose and the revival of a challenged faith, The Bear and the Nightingale is an exciting journey through Russian lore.

Beneath the streets of London lies another city. A place of monsters and angels, this city is for the fallen, the forgotten, and the unseen. As Richard Mayhew soon finds out, even a single instance of contact with this other world can leave you falling yourself. Similar, but a place of the bizarre, Neverwhere is a twisted take on what happens when reality and magic collide.

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Written by Logan Voss

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