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4 Tips and Ideas for Preserving Sentimental Items

Many of us have different memorabilia that we want to preserve and keep safe. However, this can often lead to excess clutter. If you’re looking for ideas for preserving sentimental items, look no further. Our list will not only help you reduce some of the clutter plaguing your home, but also help you keep important items and memories safe.

Tips and Ideas for Preserving Sentimental Items

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1. Decide What’s Important

One of the most important things to keep in mind when preserving sentimental items is that you need to let go of some as well. Take the time to really think about the items and decide what is most important to you. Ask yourself some important questions first:

  • Why am I holding onto this item—does it spark joy?
  • Could somebody else get something out of this item?
  • Would somebody else want this more?

From there, you’ll want to put these items into separate piles: giveaway/donate, keep, and unsure.

2. Organize Photos

When it comes to organizing old photos, there are a few different tactics you can use. We recommend getting rid of duplicates, organizing them by time and date, and putting them into photo envelopes. Photo envelopes will protect those important photos and preserve the precious memories they encompass. If you have specific photographs that mean a lot, think about hanging them up in picture frames or creating scrapbooks to display these items.

3. Display Pieces

When it comes to sentimental clothing that makes you happy, think about displaying these pieces. Shadow boxes are an amazing way to show off beloved items. Whether it’s a wedding dress or baby blanket, consider making a shadowbox with pieces of these items grouped together with pictures of you wearing them. It’s a simple way to keep these memories with you at all times.

4. Give Away

As for items that don’t resuscitate good emotions, think about giving them away. This is not to say donate (which is always a wonderful choice), but donations often include items that hold little significance to the owner. We recommend giving away sentimental items to close friends and family. If there is an old belt buckle, have it shined and give it to your best friend as a present. Put grandmas old ring onto a necklace and give it to your sister, wife, or significant other.

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Written by Logan Voss

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