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10 Great Moving Tips You Should Consider for Any Situation

Moving can be both exciting and aggravating. Whether you’re a longtime home owner or young adult heading off to college, moving is no walk in the park. No matter your situation, staying as organized and prepared as possible will help you move with ease. Below you’ll find a few moving tips to help relieve some of the stress during your next big move.

Use Packing Labels and Color-Coded Boxes

To make it easier on your future self, invest in packing labels and color-coded boxes to help you keep everything organized. This is a great way to detail what’s in each box, as well as designated them to specific rooms based on the color of the box. This simple step will go a long way when it becomes time to unpack.

Wrap Delicate Items

There is nothing worse than opening a box containing a destroyed item. Moving can be overwhelming, and to get through it as fast as possible, it’s no surprise you may end up with lost or broken items along the way. We recommend wrapping important items in towels, blankets, and bubble wrap to protect them from potential bumps and bruises.

Pack Ahead of Time

When the time comes for you to finally move, all your items should be packaged and ready to go. Procrastinating will only lead to extra stress and cause you to rush through the process; this is how items become broken or lost. Leave moving day for the moving.

Keep Important Valuables with You

Important documents like passports, ID’s, and social security cards should be kept with you during the moving process—not lost among all the boxes in your moving truck.

Gather Some Free Boxes

If you’re looking to save money, but need more moving materials, consider checking out your local grocery stores or Craigslist for free boxes. It doesn’t hurt having too many boxes—especially when they’re free.

Take Advantage of Suitcases, Backpacks, and Laundry Baskets

Since you’re already moving suitcases, backpacks, and laundry baskets, take advantage of the extra space by packing and transporting items within them.

Create A Floor Plan Before You Move

Before moving in, we recommend having a rough idea of where you want everything to go. Similar to what we mentioned under the importance of packaging labels and color-coded boxes, giving each room a purpose, and designating what goes into them, will make life a lot easier.

Pack an Overnight Bag with Essentials

Instead of going through various boxes looking for your toothpaste and shampoo, pack an overnight bag with all the essentials you may need during the transitional period between homes.

Take A Picture of Your Electronics

Before you start pulling cables out of your computer and TV, take a picture of where the desired wires are plugged in–it’ll be a lot easier to get them powered up again when you know where everything goes.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving fragile and heavy items can be difficult, especially if you’re working with a limited amount of people. To ensure your items don’t get damaged, consider hiring residential movers. If you’re still worried about potentially harming any items, you may also want to invest in moving insurance.

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Written by Logan Voss

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