7 Need-To-Know Winter 2018/2019 Fashion Trends

Winter fashion lets you play with different styles, textures, and patterns. Designers this year did just that, and now stylish individuals are wearing prints, faux fur, and layers all over to warm up and look good. Here are the important winter 2018/2019 fashion trends that you need to wear in order to look your best when you hit the snow-plowed streets.

Winter 2018/2019 Fashion Trends

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Animal Print

Back and more ferocious than ever, animal print is here to stay this winter season. Whether it’s zebra, giraffe, or leopard, animal print will give you a sassy and glam look. Make sure you keep the rest of your outfit neutral and toned down so that you don’t cross over into cheap and distasteful. Jackets and shoes are a great way to add that pop of animal to your outfit.


This year, the western cowboy look hit the runways everywhere—from New York to Paris, designers pulled from western sentiment. Bolo ties are back and paired with satin western shirts. There are a lot of ways to bring some western fun into your wardrobe. Women should consider black cowboy boots paired with a belted prairie dress.


Stack on the layers this winter season, not just to stay warm, but to keep up with designer fashion trends. Most designers create looks of around 3–5 layers, using long sleeves, faux fur, and puffer jackets.


Metallic, glossy, and high-shine pieces are what you want to update your look. Runways this year focused on transparent plastic, neon accessories, and coats with a high shine material. Wear this trend to look creative and iridescent.


Tweed is making a huge comeback this year. From men’s suits to women’s miniskirts, tweed is an absolute must this winter. It keeps you stylish and warm—what’s not to love?

Faux Fur & Sheepskin

A massive winter fashion trend this season is the faux fur and sheepskin look. Both obvious choices for the winter, coats with these fabrics leave you looking stylish and warm. No matter how you wear this trend—cinched waist or oversized, bedazzled or plain—you’ll look absolutely amazing.

Faux Leather

Bring your leather back. More than just a way to look edgy at the bar, leather is now your way to look sleek and chic at work. There are leather jackets, coats, and even leather shirt dresses that ooze professional and sassy appeal. 

Whether you’re out at an Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown or defending a client in court, you’ll want to stay warm and look good this winter season. Wearing these trends will do just that!

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Written by Logan Voss

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