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Trendy Holiday Party Outfits to Wear This Season

December is upon us, which means our social calendars are now jam-packed with holiday get-togethers, work parties, and family dinners. The biggest challenge of it all? Finding the perfect outfit to wear. In hopes of making life a little simpler for you, we’ve put together 6 trendy holiday party outfits that will leave every party guest impressed.

Ditch the Dress

This year, do something different—wear a party suit to your next big event. It’s not only festive, but super comfortable, too. Try mixing colors and patterns between the suit, shirt and accessories. Show everyone that you mean business when it comes to celebrating the holidays.

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Fancy Pants

You can’t go wrong with a bold red, green, or winter white dress pant. Add some unique shoes and fun jewelry to make the ensemble a little more sophisticated. Enhance the look with a crop top and bold blazer. This is an easy outfit to put together if you’re rushing from work right to an event.

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You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Look for a dress that includes some unique aspects like bows or feathers, and then spice it up with statement earrings and some festive heels.

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Sequins, Sequins, and More Sequins

If you’re going for flashy, go all the way with the unexpected element of sequins. Whether it’s a dress, pants, shirt, shoes, or pretty much anything else, you’ll be sure to stand out. Pair your sparkly pieces with items of neutral colors and textures. Use minimal accessories if you want to make the look more relaxed.

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Joyful Jumpsuit

This is the easiest chic holiday party outfit to put together. If done right, a jumpsuit can acknowledge the color scheme of the season without looking ridiculous. Try wearing one with lace, ruffled sleeves, or sparkles.

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Sweater Weather, but Make It Fancy

Everyone loves a soft, plush sweater during the holiday season. Pick out your favorite sweater and pair it with a fabulous midi-skirt and heels. Mix and match design elements to create a decorative, convivial look.

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We know you want to look your best at all the upcoming holiday parties without using up too much time or money. Do what you can with what’s already in your closet to create some chic holiday party outfits. If you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, almost anything can become a trendy holiday party outfit. Happy holidays!

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Written by Logan Voss

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