Resolution By Denise Mina

Resolution By Denise Mina – A Gritty Tale For Every Politician.

Maureen O’Donnell is a survivor of paternal sexual abuse. This empowers her to investigate the murder (unacknowledged by the authorities) of an old woman.

Her gritty writing style lends authenticity to the characters – they really become alive. Throughout the book there are strong touches of sardonic and revealing humour. This both lightens the book and also reveals the depth of understanding for a complex subject- placing it within the lives of those described.

Denise Mina
Denise Mina

Why should politicians read it? Because, so often, they appear far removed from the trials of real, ordinary people. (Not that these particular characters are ordinary.) She delves into subjects that are often skated over and not give the significance they deserve.

In addition, you don’t really know what is going to happen until the end, so one simply has to read on. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the book, but I am glad I read it, and hope more people will dare to do so.

Those who have already followed the exploits of Maureen O’Donnell in “Garnethill” and “Exile” only need to know that this third book in the trilogy is now out in paperback. Anyone who hasn’t yet encountered Denise Mina’s wry, atmospheric take on crime fiction should do themselves a favour and read the books in order, as they are interlinked.

Once again expect dry wit, razor-sharp dialogue, lifelike characters and Glasgow as the natives see it. Also, there’s a twist in the tail which may surprise you!

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Written by Liz H