Home Maintenance That Most People Forget

No one likes doing home repairs because they’re costly and time consuming. But they’re also necessary if you want your home to continue operating smoothly. Most people know the basic home maintenance tasks they should do every month or year, but there’s some home maintenance that most people forget. They may overlook these things due to their infrequency or inconvenience. This is a list of some of the most forgotten home maintenance tasks you should perform.

Water Heater

One component that’s critical for every house is the water heater, which needs care to function properly. Without regular maintenance and draining, your heater will break down and heat up less water over time. You should have someone flush out your water heater every year to clear out sediment and clean it.

Roof and Gutters

People often focus so much on indoor home maintenance that most people forget the roof and surrounding gutters also need attention. Running inspections of your roof and gutters at least every season will help you prevent leaks and unclog your gutters. Sometimes you’ll need more cleaning depending on the weather and nearby foliage.

Septic Tank

The septic tank is a vital part of most homes, which is why you should care for it. However, septic tanks don’t need lots of maintenance. Having a professional carry out simple unclogging work and drain inspections will suffice. The big thing that trips up most people regarding septic tank maintenance is knowing how often you should pump your tank.

Dryer Duct

If your home has a dryer, then it likely has a dryer vent. This is a dangerous component that you can’t ignore. Otherwise, you’ll increase the risk of a fire developing. The vent collects the lint and dirt from clothes as it pumps out the heat from the dryer. When too much lint builds up, it may catch on fire. Experts recommend you clean out these vents at least twice a year.

These are the major parts of home maintenance that many people forget about when performing their regular maintenance. However, ignoring these parts of your home can cause massive damage and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Ensure you’re keeping up with your maintenance properly so that you can avoid these issues.

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Written by Leigh Ann Newman

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