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4 Great Gifts for Alaskans

Do you have a friend or family member from Alaska and don’t know what to get them for their Birthday, Christmas, or just an “I’m thinking of you” gift? Check out this list of ideas.

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#1 Homesick candle in Alaska

If your Alaskan is far from home, they might appreciate this Alaska scented candle from Homesick. It's a thoughtful gift, and everyone loves a warm candle to brighten up their winter nights.

#2 Totally Bamboo Alaska State Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board

Another thoughtful gift here, full of Alaska pride. This gift can be used as an actual cutting board, as a decorative crudité platter, or even as a simple decoration in the kitchen.

#3 A new mattress

A bit more of an intensive gift, but a new mattress might just be exactly what your friends or family in Alaska need. Considering Alaska can have up to 67 days of darkness in the winter time and over 80 days of constant sunlight in the summer, they might have a wonky sleeping schedule. Bed-in-a-box mattresses are usually pretty affordable, but check to see if the free shipping claims apply to Alaska.

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Written by kelsie longerbeam