War On Plastics

7 Products To Help YOU Fight The War On Plastics

Our world is in crisis. Each year, an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans, flooding our planets with everything from plastic bags to microbeads. Our oceans are quickly becoming ‘plastic soup’, having a devastating effect on marine life and changing our world, as we know it, forever.

It’s time we all took responsibility in the war on plastic. I know what you’re thinking…..So what can I do about it? How can one person make a difference?

Small changes to your everyday life will make a difference!

Check out these 7 products that will help YOU fight the war on plastic……

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#1 ECoffee Cup

Each year 100 billion disposable coffee cups make their way to landfill. Switching to a reusable cup can make a big difference in cutting daily consumer waste. The ECoffee cup is made of organic bamboo fibre so when it eventually needs to be binned, it's biodegradable. They come in a great range of designs too - there's something for everyone!

Available at Amazon for under £10

#2 Funky Shopping Bags

Many of us in the UK are already adapting to carrying our own shopping bags around with us, thanks to the 5p carrier bag charge introduced in 2015. In fact, plastic bag usage in the UK has dropped more than 85% since the charge was introduced. It makes sense - plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose and currently litter our planet, both on land and in our oceans. Thankfully, reusable shopping bags now come in a huge range of funky and individual designs. So stock up on some stylish bags, ready for the next time you hit the shops.

Available on eBay for under £3.

#3 Beautiful jewellery handcrafted from sea plastics

As well as making small changes to save the environment and reduce plastic waste, why not help put all that sea plastic to good use? 20,000 volunteers in the UK take part in the annual Big Spring Beach Clean, collecting plastic waste from our coastal shorelines. Some clever folk are setting these plastics in resin to produce beautiful boho chic jewellery. Take a look at this gorgeous necklace. Not only does it look fantastic, you can also feel great about 'doing your bit' and making a bold eco statement.

Available on Etsy for about £20

#4 Stainless steel bottle by One Green Bottle

In a bid to reduce plastic bottle usage and waste, water refill points are popping up all over the UK, everywhere from shops and hotels to museums and banks. So ditch the plastic bottle and invest in a reliable and durable stainless steel bottle from One Green Bottle. Perfect for the gym, office or shopping, it's recyclable, plastic free and promises not to leach any nasty chemicals into your drinking water.

Available on Amazon for under £15

#5 So Eco Face Brusk Kit

Almost every part of our lives is dominated by plastic in today's world. Take a look in your make-up bag, for example. Plastic handles, bristles, packaging....it's everywhere! Thankfully there are some fantastic eco beauty products emerging, such as this So Eco Face Brush Kit. They feature biodegradable bamboo handles and taklon bristles and come with an organic cotton bag for storage (rather than another plastic make up bag!).

Available from Very for under £20

#6 Rosa Centifolia™ Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Billions of plastic microbeads flood into our oceans each year and are commonly found in exfoliating products. They were banned from the manufacture of cosmetics and personal care products in the UK in 2018, but did you know that there is no ban on the sale of these products until July? This exfoliating cleanser from REN Skincare contains jojoba microbeads, a natural alternative to plastic and much less harmful to the environment, while still effectively exfoliating, cleansing and hydrating your skin.

Available from REN Skincare for under £20

#7 Bee Beautiful Handmade Soaps

Using soap bars, rather than shower gels or liquid soaps packaged in plastic bottles, is an easy way to fight the war on plastic that we can all do. These gorgeous handmade soaps from Bee Beautiful come in a range of colours and are a bargain at under £5 for 10.

Available on Amazon for under £5

  1. I never thought about it, thanks for pointing out that old-fashioned bar soaps (my favorite type of soap anyway) actually help the environment!

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Written by Kate Hartford