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8 Blogs About Life: Filled with Relatable and Inspiring Anecdotes

Life, written about.

Everyone out there has, at least once, asked themselves these questions: Life. What is life? And how exactly is one supposed to go about it?”.

We spend so much living based on a script somebody else wrote for us and told us that if we follow it to the letter, we’ll win at life.

Is only way later that we find out that is not correct at all, that there are many ways to succeed that noone will tell you about. And that the script is not likely to be a surefire way to achieve it. Is during these times that we are drawn to the lives of others that succeeded before and analyze them for inspiration as what path to follow.

Be it getting that dream job, or instead, getting out of that dead-end job to finally do what you always dreamt of, or even scaping of wasteful relationship to find better ones. There are anecdotes of life about anything you could imagine and many that will surely connect with you and your struggles, you can find the best of them by reading these blogs about life. Get inspired now reading them.

#1 Goalcast

The Goalcast Content recommended by Adina Mahalli.

If you’re looking for a blog about life, Goalcast has got you covered. The idea of Goalcast is to give people tips, motivation and inspiration to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Goalcast fosters a community of people who are committed to helping others improve their lives. They think that no dream is too big, and they’re here to help you realize that too.

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#2 Potencyup

The PotencyUp Content recommended by Dylan Menders.

It is the blog dedicated to self improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self education. PickTheBrain diverges from traditional “self-help” by taking a broader approach. I like that the site covers everything related to self improvement: podcast, life coaching, motivation, health tips and much more sections written in a simple, sometimes funny language. Any information that people can use to live more prosperous, satisfying lives is a potential article here. The frequency of publishing is about 5 posts per week.

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#3 Older And Better With Shelly

The Older and Better with Shelly Content recommended by Shelly Solomon.

It focuses on life situations in a humorous way. It deals with many of today’s lifestyle situations and the challenges they present to people who are a little older, but those under 50 enjoy it too.

Shelly has talked about being unfairly demoted by Starbucks and their rewards program (generated over 5,000 views), Who is Smarter Cats or Dogs? (about 3,000 views), A Nightmare In The ER, The Selfie Generation, Spanx, Tales from Thanksgiving Dinner, and many more.

The fun part of the blog is that most readers have encountered similar situations and can emphasize with the challenges Shelly has faced along the way.

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#4 Nan’S Daily Dose Of Life

The Nan’s Daily Dose of Life Content recommended by Leigh Ann Newman.

The first step to true success is believing in ourselves. I’ve chosen my own blog, Nan’s Daily Dose of Life to nominate as one of the best blogs about life, because it captures all the elements of a good life in progress and shares those with others. Whether you’re interested in the dynamics of a vibrant family, learning about delicious and healthy recipes, or hearing about the latest trends in food and fashion, Nan’s Daily Dose of Life has it all.

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#5 Boundless

The Boundless Content recommended by Elyse Hudacsko.

Boundless is a blog about giving yourself permission to live life differently. It encourages readers to discover their authentic self by covering topics like the best books and teachers for self-transformation, how to discover what you are meant to do in life, philosophy on alternative education, and how to tackle some of your baggage. The posts are short and sweet and give you the guidance and inspiration necessary to grow your life in an exceptional direction.

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#6 Gypsy Energy Secrets

The Gypsy Energy Secrets Content recommended by Milana Perepyolkina.

Would you like to read a blog that tells you exactly how to turn a bad day into a good day? How to turn a sad day into a happy day? This manual is called Gypsy Energy Secrets. This blog guides you through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your well-being, providing you with simple exercises and mindfulness techniques that will lead to better days and outlook on life. From advice on overcoming sickness to guidance on manifesting your dreams, this blog becomes the essential companion for transforming the disappointment into joy and replacing an unsatisfactory life with health and happiness.

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#7 Morton Tavel

The Morton Tavel Content recommended by Morton E. Tavel.

Health myths surround us these days, producing serious overpayment for legitimate products or worse yet, causing us to throw away money on useless treatments.

Modern versions of snake oil salesmen constantly tout ineffective wares, which extend from alternative medicines to physical procedures such as acupuncture. Promotions appear in infomercials, blaring newspaper ads, and even on national TV.

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#8 Splendid Yoga

The Splendid Yoga Content recommended by Morgan Balavage.

Splendid Yoga indulges in mindfulness tips and tricks, wellness products, and yoga offerings to bring peace to your life.

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The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Adina Mahalli from EnlightenedReality

Dylan Menders from PotencyUp

Shelly Solomon from Older and Better with Shelly

Leigh Ann Newman from Nan’s Daily Dose of Life

Elyse Hudacsko from Boundless

Milana Perepyolkina from Gypsy Energy Secrets

Morton E. Tavel from Morton Tavel

Morgan Balavage from Splendid Yoga

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Written by Jacob Jacobowitz


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