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30 Blogs To Get Entrepreneurs Heads Filled With Profitable Ideas

The struggle, documented in blog form.

The hustle never ends. Out there, there’s a new emerging market which the masses of dull other entrepreneurs have not yet overcrowded and saturated with nonsense. Out there, there’s still a profitable niche that not many have got the chance to finally tap into. You know this and you just can’t wait to get your hands into it.

But you don’t know where to start! Granted, by visiting the best blogs for entrepreneurs you are not going to get this answer served to you on a silver platter. More likely you’ll access a plethora of information that, once processed, might be able to point you on the right path to take.

The information is out there, it’s up to you to put it all together and forge something with it that is both profitable and satisfying to the audience it reaches. You can start figuring out the way forward on your entrepreneurship by reading these blogs.

Entrepreneur Adam Guild reviewed the following list and has agreed that readers will gain benefit from checking out the resources listed below.

#1 Prosperity Media Blog

The Prosperity Media blog Content recommended by James Norquay.

A great blog is the Prosperity Media blog plenty of useful tips for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to drive more traffic to their business. Also plenty of useful long form guides and information in generating leads and traffic.

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#2 The Ikonn Experience

The The Ikonn Experience Content recommended by Haider.

It is so inspirational to hear from a couple who came from a normal job and wanted nothing in the world except to travel together, to end up as successful as they did. And how, when the money came, it made them realise this wasn’t the be all and end all, but the work must go on. One can also learn a lot from their social media and digital strategies and all in all they seem like an amazing couple.

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#3 Copyblogger

The Copyblogger Content recommended by Will Craig.

A lot of business blogs can feel pretty vacuous and general, but this is focused on one of the most fundamental parts of your digital performance – your content. Copyblogger is essential reading if you want to make your content strategy as effective as possible. It’s probably the digital marketing world’s foremost digital writing blog and is full of technical tips, tricks and hints to help you get your content performing the actions that you want it to.

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#4 Vwo Blog

The VWO Blog Content recommended by Mani Makkar.

The VWO blog helps you “think like a marketer and execute like a scientist.” The blog is about everything conversion optimization and much more. VWO blog is a top choice for its conversion rate optimization tips to help any entrepreneur and/or marketer to make the most of her website traffic. You can find compelling infographics, case studies, a/b testing ideas and marketing tips on the blog. It has a huge following on Feedly and ranked second in the top 50 A/B Testing blogs list by NGdata.

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#5 Niche Pursuits

The Niche Pursuits Content recommended by Max Robinson.

As someone with an online business, I’ve always enjoyed reading and listening to Niche Pursuits, a blog and podcast by internet marketer/serial entrepreneur Spencer Hawes. I’ve been reading and listening to Niche Pursuits content for well over 5 years, and I consider it to be one of the main reasons I started my business. I always appreciate how honest the team are when discussing their ventures – they always mention the failures as well as the successes.

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#6 Brett J Fox

The Brett J Fox Content recommended by Jun AnTan.

Logan spent his past 5 years gaining experience in Business Development roles across finance and construction sector which eventually led him founding Eezee. At Eezee, we aim to streamline the lengthy and tedious procurement process with the use of technology.

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#7 Mixergy

The Mixergy Content recommended by Nate Masterson.

Mixergy is a place that recognizes that no one knows everything but that everyone knows something. It was created by Andrew Warner to help entrepreneurs learn from mentors. Warner interviews founders of companies, having them tell stories about creating their businesses and teaching solutions to problems that could mean the end for a company. Warner himself also started a business, so he knows what’s involved and what is and isn’t helpful to entrepreneurs.

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#8 How I Built This

The How I Built This Content recommended by Holman Gao.

I love this podcast as it shares the founding stories of companies like Instagram and Spanx. Each episode interviews a founder and it’s interesting to hear the stories of struggle and doubt before the company becomes famous and successful.

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#9 Videofruit

The Videofruit Content recommended by Ross Davies.

Videofruit is a really interesting blog that breaks down different marketing approaches that the author – Bryan Harris – has followed with his own businesses. What’s really unique and interesting is that he reviews the different approaches he takes, showcasing the results so that his readers can learn from his mistakes. Out of all the blogs I stay up-to-date on, Videofruit is the one I’ve learnt the most from. Bryan makes marketing simple, and makes actioning his ideas a breeze.

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#10 Neil Patel

The Neil Patel Content recommended by Ross Davies.

Neil is a wizard of content marketing, and he’s my go-to for advice and tips on how to succeed. His blog is quite sales-heavy and has a few too many pop-ups, but if you can get past them then the content is pure gold. His blog is everything you’d expect from one of the most influential people on the web, and he gives advice on almost every aspect of marketing. He goes into plenty of detail when talking about his approaches, and describes the process from start to finish, making it easy to replicate his approach.

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#11 Mike Michalowicz

The Mike Michalowicz Content recommended by Ross Davies.

Mike is one of my favourite authors, and writes some great books on being an entrepreneur, but his blog is also really useful. He takes ideas mentioned in his books and describes them in greater detail – if you like his approach to business then you’ll find it really helpful. He covers everything from finance, personal marketing and running a business – everything an entrepreneur needs! He’s really clever and funny with how he writes, and brings real personality to his content.

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#12 Seth’S Blog

The Seth's blog Content recommended by Julian House.

This blog is a wisdom mine, you name anything in entrepreneurship this blog covers it, and more. Being an author of 10 bestselling books, Seth really knows his stuff. His writing style engages you into sticking with his articles right to the very end – with actionable points you can take away and implement straight away.

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#13 Great Big Minds

The Great Big Minds Content recommended by J-Liew.

With over 2 million followers and readers across Great Big Minds’ network, it has emerged to become one of the top leading resource for inspiration and growth. Great Big Minds cover a variety of categories including business, entrepreneurship, financial education, leaderships, brain-hacks, motivation – just to name a few.

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#14 The Middle Finger Project

The The Middle Finger Project Content recommended by Amy McCord Jones.

I stumbled across The Middle Finger Project before I launched my e-commerce website and it was a game-changer. Ash taught me that the brain is highly efficient because the second it predicts the next sentence it will stop paying attention. This knowledge forced me to reevaluate all the hours of work I had put into my ho-hum copy and rewrite my entire website; this effort paid off hugely! Not only does the majority of all inquiries begin with OMG, I adore your website! my business has discovered it’s ‘true voice’.

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#15 Julian

The Julian Content recommended by Vivek Kumar.

Julian Shapiro is a former VP of Marketing at Webflow and a prolific growth marketer. Using Julian’s growth marketing blog, our organization has been able to navigate the complicated waters of SEO, content marketing, and related initiatives.

In his blog, Julian unfolds the topic of growth marketing through conversational language. He employs the latest research on the subject and combines it with his personal experience. Investing an hour or two into reading his blog will fully inform the reader about the fundamentals of expanding one’s fledgling business with a limited budget. Tossing unnecessarily complicated technical analyses out the window, Julian teaches growth marketing in a manner that fosters brainstorming and provides a full description of maximizing a company’s marketing initiatives.

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#16 Aileron

The Aileron Content recommended by Patrick Eichner.

The Aileron advisors/coaches are experienced entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners who are experts on professional management, proactive leadership, business improvement and personal development. Whether it be in-person at their beautiful campus or online via their blogs, Aileron is the ultimate resource for those focused on sustainable growth and successful business practices!

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#17 Zen Habits

The Zen Habits Content recommended by Rodney Brazil.

As a solo-preneur, the number of tips and business advice articles I see every day makes my head spin. I could easily spend four hours reading about what happened in tech the day before. Zen Habits helps me calm my mind and focus on the real work at hand. Not every post is business-centric, but all of the ideas apply to entrepreneurs. A few weeks ago, a post was published on connecting your work tasks to meaning. The advice offered in that blog helped me remember why I started a business in the first place.

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#18 The Fundera Ledger

The The Fundera Ledger Content recommended by Nicolas Straut.

The Fundera Ledger is an excellent blog for entrepreneurs that offers thorough, unbiased articles on starting, managing, and growing a business. The Ledger is also relied upon by entrepreneurs for reviews of financial products like loans, credit cards, and bank accounts so that they can cost-effectively grow their businesses.

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#19 Nfluencr

The Nfluencr Content recommended by Nahamani Yisrael.

The Nfluencr branding blog provides insightful information on how small business owners can best create a sustainable brand. Each article features a successful entrepreneur, who shares their best practices on branding topics relevant to building a professional brand. The tips featured are both easy to understand and duplicate. Any entrepreneur can implement these best practices and benefit from the wealth of knowledge contributed by our thought leaders.

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#20 Wpbeginner

The WPBeginner Content recommended by Faizan Ali.

In order to compete, every entrepreneur needs a website. And WPBeginner educates the masses on how to master these skills needed. They have a huge library of guides, tutorials and videos to help entrepreneurs excel in their fields. WordPress is the most used CMS around the world and the web is filled with questions related to wordpress and WPBeginner is one of the largest WordPress resource websites.

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#21 Urban 20Something

The Urban 20Something Content recommended by Kathryn Roberts.

One of the best new podcasts in 2019, Leah Gervais’ Your Biggest Vision podcast teaches entrepreneurs and side hustlers how to discover your big vision for your life and then take that critical next step: put those desires into action. Featuring interviews, mindset tips, and action steps to grow your side hustle into a thriving, self-sufficient business, Gervais’ podcast holds nothing back. It’s realistic, accessible, and interactive like very few podcasts are.

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#22 Gary Vaynerchuk

The Gary Vaynerchuk Content recommended by Ross McGarvey.

Gary tells it straight, he doesn’t beat around the bush and he speaks the truth. He is straight forward about if you want something, go get it, and here’s how. Everyone needs someone to tell it to you straight with no sugarcoats, and that is Gary.

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#23 Support Is Sexy

The Support is Sexy Content recommended by KIsha A. Brown.

Elayne is a thoughtful interviewer who covers diverse inspiring women around the world. She sticks to relevant points and allows women an opportunity to share their highs and lows along their journey of entrepreneurship and makes sure they offer useful tips for the listeners. Plus Elayne has shared her own life adventure as she expands and grows her work.

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#24 The Mycorporation Blog

The The MyCorporation Blog Content recommended by Deborah Sweeney.

The MyCorporation Blog is an amazing outlet that offers tips to small business owners and entrepreneurs on ways to start, maintain, grow, and even close a business. These easy to read tips help entrepreneurs and owners navigate through the business world. Whether it’s tips about finances, professional/personal growth, human resources, economic/law changes, taxes, trending topics, or advice from experts, we write about it! Our overall goal is to provide amazing content that helps our audience stay informed and confident.

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#25 Eben Pagan’S Blog

The Eben Pagan's Blog Content recommended by Ian McClarty.

Eben Pagan started his adult life without much money or a lot of friends. One of his friends eventually talked him into writing his first e-book. Although he did not get many sales at first, he made a few changes that let him earn millions. In his blog, Eben reveals proven methods he used to increase productivity, manage teams and create several million-dollar businesses online.

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#26 John Carlton’S Blog

The John Carlton's Blog Content recommended by Ian McClarty.

Many people view John Carlton as one of the greatest marketers of our time. Rather than following standard rules of professionalism, he is not afraid to be controversial or take an in-your-face approach when needed. While some so-called marketing experts despise his methods, John Carlton’s approach to marketing provides much better results. You learn from a master when you read his blog

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#27 The Official Blog Of Women Who Wow

The The Official Blog of Women Who WOW Content recommended by Karol Clark.

The Official Blog of Women Who WOW is one that we look forward to every…single…day because as busy female entrepreneurs, we need information and resources we can apply immediately and efficiently to our business. This blog is to the point, always pertinent and actually positively impacts our productivity, our bottom line and our effectiveness. It keeps us focused on what is most important in business and life!

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#28 How I Built This

The How I Built This Content recommended by Vicky Llerena.

another product of the expansive NPR network, this is for the entrepreneurial spirit

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#29 Glow Radio

The Glow Radio Content recommended by Jacquelyn & Clara.

This podcast is for the sassiest of bitches who are looking to dump their 9-5 for that #entrepreneur life. You can expect weekly conversations with unapologetic creatives, business owners and influencers. Listen for tips how to reach your goals, manage your time and keep your sanity while being a major boss babe. You can also download a unique free download to with 25 ways on How to get your sh*t together like a baller.

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#30 Loving Living Lancaster

The Loving Living Lancaster Content recommended by Allison Lancaster.

This blog will teach you how to build a business as a stay at home mom, how to balance career & mom life & how to start your own virtual assistant business with $0! Those looking to start their own online business will be given great content from a wonderful & knowledgeable woman!

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