If Your Name Is Andy, You Can Get Unlimited Free Ice Cream in London During Wimbledon

Photo by Shep McAllister on Unsplash

The ice cream comes in a CHOCOLATE TENNIS BALL that you have to SMASH with a TENNIS RACKET 

Earlier this year, tennis superstar Andy Murray announced his retirement after Wimbledon – however, thanks to a successful surgery and glorious recent win at Queens, Andy is back to his best.

Dubbed ‘Break The Serve’, the tasty treat consists of an EDIBLE chocolate tennis ball with a rich and velvety smooth balsamic vinegar, strawberries & cream ice cream centre. But don’t worry, you don’t have to have a serve as good as Andy’s to get this to breaking point. The dessert comes with a TENNIS RACKET and requires tasters to SMASH into the chocolate shell to reveal the ice cream core topped with a balsamic vinegar and caramel sauce along with fresh strawberries.

The best part? All Andys who show their ID will be able to get their hands on a complimentary serve EVERY DAY for the duration of Wimbledon (1st July – 14th July 2019). To take advantage of the deal (cap of one serve per day, per person), Andys need to simply head down to Four Winters in Gloucester Road in the heart of the capital.

Expertly created with liquid nitrogen to produce the smoothest, creamiest ice cream around, Four Winters prides itself on carefully capturing the unique taste of each ingredient. Break the Serve is a cleverly crafted combination of sweet strawberries and syrupy, tangy vinegar – the latter complimenting, rather than masking, the sweetness of the berry and providing a subtle floral note.  Striking the perfect balance of flavours and textures, the result is an ice cream you’re guaranteed to love

Mazzetti Balsamic Vinegar of Modena recently launched into the UK with its aged and non-aged Balsamic Vinegar variants, demonstrating to consumers the wide variety of delicious dishes and ingredients that can be paired with balsamic.

For those who don’t share the same name as the British tennis champ, The Break the Serve ice cream is available from 1st– 14thJuly 2019 at the Gloucester Road store, priced at £5.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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