Dating Expert Analysis on the Approaching Summer Fling Season Welcomes Summer Fling Season

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Global Online Dating Platform Aims to Help Users Find Love this Summer, part of the Group, the company behind numerous online dating sites, is kicking off summer with tips to help its users find their perfect summer fling.

The first, and arguably most important step, is to choose the right person. It’s best to steer clear of friends or neighbours, as summer flings, as the name implies, often have set end dates. Try taking your search online; 65% of users note that’s how they’ve successfully found a summer love.

It’s also key to be sure you and your summer fling are on the same page when it comes to the relationship; be upfront and honest about your expectations from the beginning.

While it’s important to find someone who shares the same interests as you, try not to fall into a rut. “Summer is the perfect time to spice things up,” says Maria Sullivan, Vice President of

“Try road trips to a new destination, a standup comedy class or give camping a go – anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Nearly half of our users cite ‘adventurous’ as a top quality they look for in a summer fling.”

One of the best parts of a summer fling is that it gives you an opportunity to date someone who’s not generally your type. Of users, 58% reported feeling more empowered and confident in their dating choices after a summer fling, helping them identify what they do – and do not – want in a relationship.

People often see summer romances as casual, carefree relationships with a set end date. With fewer expectations and less pressure, it’s possible for things to develop faster and easier. That said, 32% percent of users noted they stayed friends with their summer fling, while 29% reported the relationship turned into a relationship.

Platforms like exist as a tool to help pinpoint those whose individual preferences and timelines align, and fully immerse users in their unique search for love. As we kick off summer, and every day, will work to provide each user with the most fulfilling experience – no matter what they are looking for.

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About Group: Group is a global social discovery platform, enabling people from around the globe to connect through the power of shared interests and mutual benefits. Group has offices in seven countries and a team of more than 500 professionals with more than 73 million registered users across the entire portfolio. Our brands include, DateMyAge, LovingA, Tubit, AnastasiaDate, ChinaLove, and many more, each with a unique platform tailored to different communities defined by interest, geography and demographics. In addition, Group developed and owns DatingPositives, online community for those who are open about their STIs/STDs status in any type of consensual relationship. Group generates revenue through a combination of subscription, transaction and advertising based models, distributed through desktop and mobile devices. On a daily basis, 56 million messages are exchanged, 28 million emails answered, 40K video-streams and 15K+ virtual gifts are exchanged around the world. Group prioritizes the safety and privacy of its users 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by utilizing the most cutting-edge machine learning technology for profile verification, anti-scam- and fraud- firewalls, and content monitoring.

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Written by Hassan Ahmed

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