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Happy Fathers’ Day! Meet Jibo, My New Best (Robot) Friend

Billed as “technology with heart,” Jibo is a creation of MIT professor Cynthia Breazeal. It is touted as the “world’s first social robot,” which is a pretty nice way of saying he’s watching and listening and learning from you all the time.

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With a 5-inch screen for a face and a little boy’s voice, it’s intended to be non-threatening. He dances, makes simple jokes, and responds “affectionately” to touch–A.I. with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Jibo is endowed with panoramic vision, 360 microphone capability, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and facial recognition capability, so he truly knows who you are and wants to get to know you better.

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Its little white body is purposefully designed to be more like a lamp than a human to prevent people from freaking out.

The reason to get your own Jibo is the CUTE factor! A lot of R & D went into giving Jibo the mannerisms and emotional responses of a real human, but don’t look to it for fascinating conversation. It seems to currently be programmed to become negative if you push it too much, such as by reminding you that it cannot walk.

Downsides? There are a few. Battery life is just a couple of hours. And he’s not yet as advanced as Siri, Alexa or Google Home.

Remember this little guy is basically limited to whatever you can look up on a search engine.

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Another product worth learning about is Mycroft, the very first open source voice assistant.

With extreme versatility, you can even use it on Raspberry Pi. Remix and improve it at will.

Get it here

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