5 Great Video Games For Under £15

The world of video games has a track record of being slightly unforgiving when it comes to pricing and affordability. It seems like the days of popping into the shop and coming out with three great games for five pounds are gone for good. However, for the savvy buyer among us, there are still plenty of high quality games around in the market that don’t ask you to bust the bank for them.

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#1 Doom

An absolute classic in the gaming world, the original 'Doom' was one of the pioneering releases in the early 1990s. For the PlayStation 4, the original company that released the initial game have come back with this intense first person shooter. 'Doom' boasts stunning graphics, intense gameplay and has the added benefit of calling to all of our nostalgia.

#2 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Get in the right mood for the final Avengers film: Endgame released later this year, by returning to where it all started with this game. Featuring characters from all of your favourite Marvel films, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes delivers challenging and fun gameplay with the undeniable charm that LEGO games always bring.

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#3 The Town Of Light

A chilling and intense game inspired by real stories and events, The Town Of Light is one of the most compelling games out in the market, even three years after its release in 2016. Following the story of Renee, a 16 year old girl with mental illness, it is your job to piece together the mysteries of the past and work out the secrets all around you.

#4 Prey

Made and produced by the makers of the famous 'Dishonoured' series, Prey is the ultimate bargain sci-fi game. There's a real 'Alien' vibe to the game as you embark on a mission on board the 'Talos I' ship, improvising and overcoming the hordes of aliens that have infiltrated your ship. The deeper in the ship you go, the more mysteries you discover...

#5 The Elder Scrolls Online

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The tale of a land in turmoil, The Elder Scrolls Online is the ultimate online open world game. With countless possibilities and options in terms of how you want to create and customise your character, The Elder Scrolls Online boasts the biggest and arguably most beautiful map in the series. 

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Written by James Metcalfe

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