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6 Great Football (Soccer) Accessories You Need To Buy

Last year’s Fifa World Cup was the most watched sporting event broadcasted around the world, with over 3 billion people reportedly following the progress of the competition. With the summer months once again looming on the horizon, there has never been a better time to rediscover your love for the beautiful game with these must-have accessories.

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#1 One World Ultra-Durable Football

This ultra-durable football is designed to take the beautiful game anywhere in the world. Available in sizes four and five, it is the first football of its kind to never need pumping, will never go flat (even when punctured), and is the same weight and size as an ordinary inflatable ball. Staying strong even in the harshest of environments, it is perfect for kids and adults in and out of the grassy pitch.

#2 Training Recorder And Analyser

This inclusion really brings the wonders of modern technology into a happy marriage with the beautiful game, and is easily the best way of rewatching and analysing your own performances on the training pitch! Compatible with both android and iPhones, this bluetooth-driven system stands firmly on a fixed tripod and captures your best moments as they happen.

#3 SKL Trainer

Improve your skills in the best possible way with the hands free SKL Trainer! With an elastic belt and adjustable waistband attached to you and the football, players can work on their strikes and their touches without having to go chasing the ball after every hit!

#4 Boot Buddy

The Boot Buddy is designed to help eliminate the chores and hassles of scrubbing off and cleaning muddy boots after a good game of football. With nothing needed other than 300ml of water, it has proven to be one of the best choices for footballers out there. Small and portable, its shape helps work around the outline of the boot, whilst getting to every last speck of mud on its surface.

#5 Nike Training Ball

Obviously the most important component of a game of football, choosing the right ball for you is perhaps more vital than people realise. When it comes to the beautiful game, few produce as high quality footballs as Nike. Consistent casing and twelve panels to improve on the ball's flight and consistency, it is sure to make a difference to any player.

#6 Kickmaster Goal + Target Shot

Easily portable and far smaller than the average goals, the Kickmaster goal is perfect for those looking to work on their shooting drills, or just have something up and ready to go quickly. With a target shot included in the product, this is definitely the choice for those looking to take their striking to the next level.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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