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6 Great Tie Brands For The Successful Businessman

The classic suit and tie remains one of the most striking and visually appealing sights in a business. Visuals and how you look play a massive role in how people view you, regardless of how good what you might have to say is. To get your looks wrong, therefore, can have a massive impact on your performances.

Ensure you never make a wrong choice again with some of these hottest brands of tie in the market, designed  to make you look good.

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#1 Turnbull And Asser

As a stylish real estate investor myself, I pride myself in my appearance. Whether it's meeting face to face with clients, or conducting business at the office, the perfect tie is crucial to present a professional first impression. My all time favorite tie for years now has been my all black Turnbull and Asser.

Every business man probably owns an all black tie that is of low quality. This tie is a major upgrade. It's elegant yet simple which makes it appropriate for the work environment or any other occasion. It's hand stitched with high quality silk. It's pricey at just below $200 but trust me! It's well worth it!

Contributor: Keron Crooks from

#2 Ted Baker


My favourite brand for ties has to be Ted Baker. Bit of a quirky brand, ties are of good quality and their designs are fairly distinctive with unique patterns and colours. Even, if you buy one, it will be flexible with whatever shirt/suit combo you have. I get one every year for father's day, so I have more than I can use now.

Contributor: Sam Malik, CEO from

#3 Drake’s

Drake’s ties are handcrafted in London. It’s a favorite because of its aesthetic. They use only the finest materials to ensure that the quality is the most premium. This is the perfect brand to buy statement pieces that you’ll not only love but will want to show off.

Contributor: Nate Masterson from

#4 Ralph Lauren

If you are new to the businessmen world, you’ll want to wear a tie that’s classic, and that’s exactly what Ralph Lauren is. You can’t go wrong with one of their pieces. They have every type of print from quirky to classic to casual. You’ll be able to find whatever tie you’re looking for while shopping at Ralph Lauren.

Contributor: Nate Masterson from

#5 Mr Porter

Mr Porter is your destination for the design of men, combining the greatest menswear with expert advice and articles. The website sells over 450 global brands, every week, with new products added three times.

The designs available on the site are curated, edited and served by an independent world-class team which makes their design premium, unique, and a perfect choice for businessmen.

Contributor: Marius from

#6 Turnbull And Asser (US)

Although a distinguished English brand, Turner & Asser also have a store in New York, on 50 East 57th Street where their client list is a who's who of the rich and powerful in the US. Holding the Royal Warrant for ties, the brand has dressed the likes of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush and is renowned for the quality of its items. Each of their garments is hand-sewn and produced in England from the finest silk and wool.

The Navy and Gold Amor silk tie is simple but striking, giving off a quiet confidence and refinement. With a stunning Jacquard weave, this tie effuses a sense of authority and boldness, whilst remaining unpretentious and down-to-earth.

Contributor: Stephen Hart, CEO from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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