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6 Essential Items For Your Next High Temperature Adventure

Trekking to the hotter corners of the Earth obviously requires a little bit more thought when sorting through the must-include items in your suitcase. From must-have essentials, to those items that really just make your life that little bit more convienient, we have left no stone unturned in our hunt for some of the coolest items you need to pack with on your next adventure.

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#1 Haralee Sleepwear

Women traveling to hot climates, our beautiful moisture wicking sleepwear is the answer. Packs light, looks great, has UPV 50 so actually repels the sun and keeps you cool.

Available in sizes small to 2X, made in the USA, a portion of every sale is donated to breast cancer research.

Contributor: Haralee Weintraub from


#2 Raiiny Poncho


We are currently selling a rain poncho on that is already gift wrapped!

Very often, in hot countries, we have to face a rain season. In those moments, nothing else other than a rain poncho would make you enjoy as much your outside activities!

Contributor: James from

#3 Smithers Swimwear

Smithers is a leading men's swimwear label designed for the modern man and is made right here in Sydney.

We take a sophisticated and elegant approach to men's swimwear. Our range offers two styles; classic briefs and swim trunks which come in 6 unique prints (each available in 2 colourways).

Contributor: Jake from

#4 Dry Lite Towel

Even if you’re going to a hotel, you’ll most likely want to pack a towel for those daily excursions. Why use a bulky one when you can use this lightweight, microfiber one? It’s perfect for multi-day trips or just your typical day at the beach. It dries quickly and doesn’t take up that much room in your bag. It’s a must-have for those hot, tropical trips.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from

#5 Light My Fire Water Bottle

I would highly recommend the 'Light my Fire Collapsible Pack-up Water Bottle' to any traveler.  It is a really easy to transport - it is collapsible, easy to clean/refill and is suitable for both warm and cold drinks.  I personally think it is very important to have a multipurpose water bottle especially when your on the move - you never know when it will come in handy.

Contributor: Ollie Smith, CEO from

#6 Amazon Mist Facial Spray

Amazon Mist facial spray revitalizes and replenishes the natural elements of your skin, allowing it to breathe. This is the same water that has preserved the richest flora on earth. In fact, it is sourced from the tiny water droplets suspended in the air and mist in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. As a result, it lifts and enhances your energy during those long trips. You can carry a 75ml bottle of Amazon Mist in your carry-on bag. This size is classified as consumables or personals or personal care items (just like cosmetics, shaving cream, and hairspray). These items are pressurized like ours.

It is 100% natural, contains no chemicals, paraben free and is cruelty-free.

Contributor: Sergio C. Rossi from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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