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4 Great Gift Ideas For Avid Historians

From ancient Egypt to the fields of the Somme, history is a subject that captures the hearts and minds of thousands of people right around the world. Whatever your specific field of interest might be, these great gift suggestions will go a long way in helping you make the next special occasion, for that special someone, that little bit more memorable.

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#1 Firearms – An Illustrated History

This book is sure to impress any history buff. Firearms have played an important role in history and the Smithsonian coffee table book details the most influential ones of the last 700 years. With its highly-detailed information and gorgeous photography, this is a book any history lover will be proud to display.

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#2 Arcadia Book Range

Arcadia Publishing has tons of amazing gifts for history buffs. They love to say that you can give someone the gift of their own history. For example, they have memory-filled books that tell the story of towns where your parents or loved ones may have grown up or gotten married. Books about the history of towns where they went to college or their favorite place to visit. With over 14,000 titles to choose from, there are books for every type of history buff.

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#3 Diefendorff Watches

Our watches are particularly great for anyone interested in American history. Our watches are inspired by a chance connection between me and my 6th great-grandfather who fought in the American Revolution and died 200 years - to the day - of me being born. Captain Henry Diefendorff, our company's namesake, served in a militia in upstate New York, then the wild west of the time. He was the son of Swiss immigrants which is why our watches are made with a Swiss movement.

We also used the American Revolution as an inspiration for our design - there are 17 big lines and 76 small lines in the fluting on the watch - the 1776 Case & Bezel.

Contributor: James Reeves

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#4 Tellinga Story Service

Tellinga creates personalized stories as one of a kind gifts with customized illustrations through traditional mail. Story recipients receive professional hand-drawn stories about themselves based on unique preferences. It can be fun, dramatic, thoughtful... anything! Your mailbox isn't dead - it's more alive than ever!

Tellinga offers a way to tap back into the tangible and traditional by providing a product that you can touch and feel on a deeper level rather than staring at another screen. It is the same exciting feeling of when you were exchanging letters of a pen pal or loved one growing up, looking forward to that new monthly/weekly edition of your favorite magazine, or the expectation of a holiday or birthday greeting card.

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Written by James Metcalfe

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