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5 Benefits Of Video Gaming The MSM Ignores

Video games are often given a bad hand  when it comes to society’s perceptions and views on the effects they have on their fans across the globe. Victims of the blame game, the reality for video games is that they have numerous benefits that receive very little coverage.

Below are some of the best benefits video games have on frequent uses.

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#1 Positive Learning Experiences

While games are often very quick to be blamed for violent and anti-social behavior they rarely are covered for the positive learning experiences that they offer (especially to young minds). While not every game can be a learning experience games like Minecraft in particular can be a learning tool for creation, digital circuits and coding.

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#2 Reactions and Reflexes

Playing video games improves visuomotor-control skills which are imperative for driving. I have found that gamer clients, when learning to drive, are more perceptive to vehicular weight transfers and show faster reactions to incoming visual information. They process information and organize it faster than non-gamers.

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#3 New Career Opportunities

These days you can also make a living from designing, playing, and reviewing games on different platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and social media. Being a nerd has become the new popular thing. With the explosion of E-Sports across the world, video games are quickly taking over. It is expected to be the next billion dollar industry and is even being considered for inclusion in the next Olympics.

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#4 Education

For educational purposes, games encourage a higher level of concentration and engagement from users. One of the biggest challenges these days, from a content marketer's standpoint, is the change of pace in media consumption. As the speed at which we interact with content increases, our ability to stay engaged with it decreases significantly. A video game that teaches skills, such as spatial awareness and math at the same time, does so with an engaged user and also helps develop useful tools that are valuable in everyday life.

Contributor: Alan Santillan, Content Specialist from

#5 Staying Social

Somewhat more obvious perhaps, but the emergence of video games as a favourite time-killer for its millions of fans across the globe has undoubtedly helped raise their social circles and keep them in touch with friends and family alike. New friends are made everyday and social groups are consistently expanded upon with each and every loading screen. 

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Written by James Metcalfe