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New Chapters: 5 Great Tips For Going Into Retirement

There is a lot of social presumptions revolving around the subject of retirement, most of which are actually untrue. Retirement certainly isn’t an end or even close to such, it merely marks a new and potentially exciting time for those preparing to embrace it. However, planning and preparation never hurt anyone and these five expert tips will help out anyone preparing for their latest chapter…

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#1 Keep Occupied

Monday morning. What do you plan to do with your time? Staying engaged in something you are passionate about is going to help in retirement. Don't let CNBC be your only focus in retirement.

Contributor: Devin Pope from

#2 Understand Your Investment

How are your assets invested and why have they been invested that way. Retirement isn't the end of the story it is just a new chapter and understanding you may have 10-20-30 years in retirement is important when thinking about asset allocation.

Get a good grasp on your expenses as well. Most people know what they make and what the save but the rest just goes in the expense column. Going through the details is important.

Contributor: Devin Pope from

#3 The Big Decisions

Retiring seniors will have needed to make some difficult decisions … to remain living at home or a long-term care facility? Is my will prepared and updated (there is much that can change between drafting up this document the first time to the next time)? Who will serve as Executor? Who will provide care for me?

Contributor: Rick Lauber from

#4 Focus On Your Inner Self

Clear out some time each day to allow yourself to focus on the inner self that allows you to live with intention.

By having a morning routine, things that are important and meaningful to you – things that help you make progress in life – will incrementally in micro-moments each day come into fruition.

Contributor: Cyn Meyer from

#5 Goals

There’s so much impact you can make by planning. Not only will you be more committed to carrying out your goals if you take the time to write them down in a roadmap form, but you will also experience the power of the micro-moment if you know how to do it right.

According to Peter Voogd, the most successful people spend 60-90 hours of planning per year. And these are entrepreneurs who are not yet retired, at the peak of their busy-ness levels, focusing on profit-producing activities.

Imagine if you dedicated what breaks down to be an average of 1.4 hours of weekly planning during your retirement, without a full-time gig, where you have the freedom and liberty to really take ownership of what you want to focus on.

Contributor: Cyn Meyer from

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