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Start Succeeding: The 8 Best Tips For Conquering Exam Stress (For Parents And Students)

Exam fever at the end of an academic year dominates every single student’s mind. The resulting stress and anxiety that is triggered can seriously hamper someone’s potential in the exam environment.

We have collected some of the very best tips from experts to create the ultimate collection of tips and techniques for conquering exam stress and fulfilling any student’s potential.

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#1 Do Mock Exams

Take mock tests. Study by testing yourself in the same format under as many of the same conditions. This serves as a sort of “exposure therapy”: it makes the texting situation seem more familiar and thus less anxiety provoking.

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#2 Recognise The Signs

For Parents: It's important to know what you're looking for. Some students sail through exams without a care in the world, but most will exhibit several signs of stress. Headaches, irritability and sleeplessness are common signs of exam stress. They might lose interest in food or alternatively eat everything in sight. Negativity and temper can also be a sign of pressure. When you first start to notice the signs of exam stress, acknowledge them. Talk to your teen about how they're feeling and recognise that this is a difficult time but one that everyone gets through.

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#3 Help With The Studying

The key to any success is preparation, and it's better to start early than late. Few students will want to start revising before their teachers tell them to, but you can at least have somewhere tidy, comfortable and quite to work. It's also best to seek additional support as early as possible, private tutors can't work miracles on short deadlines but having one on board early can help minimise problems before they arise by offering a professional voice alongside mum and dad.

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#4 Promote Healthier Habits

For Parents: Balanced diet and plenty of sleep is never more important than when facing pressure, exams are not different. Encouraging teens to continue physical activities alongside revision is great for clearing the mind while providing a much needed break from academic work.

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#5 Look Past Exams

It might seem impossible when facing them head on, but remember that the vast majority of your life is ahead regardless of what happens. Yes, working hard for these exams is important to the future but they are not the be all and end all of life.

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#6 ‘Concrete Step’ Problem Solving

Take concrete steps to address these sources of tension. If you are concerned about being unprepared, do not just feel stressed about it. Create a concrete study plan to make sure you are addressing the areas where you need to improve. If you are having a difficult time sleeping, learn strategies to help you get a better night’s sleep. Write a possible solution to all the things that are stressing you out.

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#7 Reward Systems

Create a reward not only for the end of exam period but also for good behaviors along the way If you are doing a good job adhering to your study schedule, be sure to give yourself a reward! Be it a trip to the ice cream parlor, an episode of your favorite show on Netflix or a meal at your favorite restaurant, be sure to reward yourself for the behaviors that will lead to good grades on your exams.

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#8 Hot Showers

This is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do to help lower arousal. After sitting and revising for hours, it's easy to feel really stressed and one technique that helps bring down arousal is to take a hot shower. This helps to relax the muscles and reduce tension within the body.

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