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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Saddle For Your Horse

Any rider would want a saddle that fits properly, and you are no different. However, you must know it is not an easy wish to fulfil, which explains why riders settle for aids like pads instead. Unfortunately, they are numerous in the market, so you will need time to look for the best one yet. After all, comfort is crucial: ask any saddler. There are so many things to put into consideration to ensure your purchase is worth its while. The following are the tips to remember when choosing the right saddle pad for your horse.

Find The Right Style.

The saddle’s style is essential; you must know three basic styles: square, shaped, and half pads. Your choice is dependent on what it is you do; for example, if you do Dressage in the show ring, the perfect pads for you are the squared ones. However, the most popular pads are the shaped ones used in Jumper or Hunter shows. You have probably come across eventers with one of these pads customised to their liking. On the other hand, half pads are usually used in all disciplines and can be used solely or all together with the square or shaped pad. Online stores like Pink Equine allow you to design your own bespoke saddle pads.

Consider The Material and Fabric.

When looking at various saddle pads online, you will see a description box that depicts their specifications down to the material and fabric. For the latter, ensure that the material cannot irritate your horse’s skin and cause allergic reactions. The most common material options include fleece and cotton wool because of their wicking capabilities. Note that each has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider. Therefore, you must take the time to review these details to ensure you get the perfect saddle for your horse. That said, the saddle pad you settle for should absorb shock or reduce it- the best one, in this case, being the wool fleece saddle pad. Whether the latter is by itself or combined with a gel foam or closed-cell foam, it provides a thick padding layer between the horse and rider. This translates to a bouncier and less sore horse.

Consider Comfort and Support.

Your horse’s comfort should supersede everything because a saddle pad can add as much as 40 pounds to the rider’s weight. That means that so much pressure is put on a horse’s spine, whether it is doing a sliding stop or even loping around an arena. Let your horse be comfortable in a saddle pad, and it will never dread wearing it or act up when the time comes to do so. Some of the things you can do to ensure this is by buying a saddle pad that is breathable to keep your horse cool. In addition, it should absorb moisture well to keep it dry and offer good support to the rider and horseback. Also, don’t forget to choose saddle pads that are contoured and with the best padding.

The above are some tips you should remember when shopping for the right saddle pad for your horse. Check online and visit shops that deal with horse commodities to get an idea of the price range and designs available. Remember that you must choose material and fabric that won’t pose any health risks to the horse. Contact the experts if you also have enquiries or a concern about your horse or the equipment it needs. Also, remember that comfort is crucial for both the rider and the horse, so the saddle should be chosen keenly using the above tips. This will help you to avoid having any regrets whatsoever in the future.

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Written by Cherry Lee

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