The Main Purpose and Benefit of Using Helical Piers

All construction projects begin with a good foundation, but it can be difficult to get that foundation down. That’s why a lot of projects utilize helical piers for their foundations, as they provide a lot of the support that these foundations need. Here’s a look at the main purpose of helical piers and the many benefits that come with them.

Main Purpose

There are many reasons why people utilize helical piers, but they are mainly used to add stability to a project’s foundation. These piers drive deep into the ground, past all the loose dirt and soil, and anchor the foundation to a more stable spot, like a strand anchor. That’s why a lot of larger projects utilize them.

Solidifying the Ground

Sometimes, the soil in the ground is loose or unstable, which isn’t good for construction. These piers can solidify the ground, negating a lot of the effects on the building. This is a very common practice in coastal areas where water can affect the soil.

More Capacity

These piers are very useful even when they aren’t used in an unstable area. By installing these screw piles, you can take a lot of the weight off your foundation to help support it. This extra support means you can put more weight on your foundation so that you can build even more than the standard foundation would allow.

Durable Support

Another major benefit outside the main purpose of helical piers is that they’re extremely durable and can last through many major events and sustain the passage of time. A lot of this durability comes from the materials in the pier, which is why steel is the best material for screw piles. When you put these into your foundation, you can count on them lasting for years to come.

This is why so many sites utilize these piers in their construction, as they add a lot more stability and capacity to the design. Additionally, you’ll notice some buildings add them later, as the building may start to need more stability if something changes in the soil underneath the foundation.

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