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The dawn of a new year means new resolutions. After spending time slobbing out over the holiday period, many see it as a perfect time to get back into shape, shed those pounds and kick the new year off in a healthier manner. But it’s easier said than done. You start off with gusto, shell out on a gym membership, purchase your workout attire.

But it doesn’t take long for your newfound enthusiasm to peter out. Pretty soon the diet goes to pot. Busy schedules mean giving those gym sessions a miss. It can be tricky finding the time to get to the gym. There is a way around that. How about having a workout session at home? If you’ve got your equipment at the ready, there really are no excuses.

And there is plenty of equipment available, items that can be tucked away when not in use, that can be brought out at a moment’s notice and be used to give you a productive and enjoyable workout. Here’s a list of 5 items, equipment you can use to keep your new year’s resolution and do so from the comfort of your own home.

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#1 The WonderCore Exercise System

If you’re after a complete body workout, this neat piece of kit could be what you’re looking for. Many people use the WonderCore Exercise System solely for abdominal exercise. Sure, it’s great at targeting the entire mid-section and tightening your core. But it can also be used to tone other muscles. Forearms, biceps, triceps, leg muscles – it can work them all as the perfect tool for sculpting and chiselling your body. Increase your reps and you’re bound to work up a sweat and enjoy a great workout.

#2 Handgrip Exerciser

A lot of people who train, want to build muscle and strength, neglect to work their forearms. It’s criminal in my eyes, because forearms are involved in most other workouts. It therefore makes sense to pay them the same attention as you would your bicep for example. This handy – literally! – piece of equipment can be kept in your pocket and taken around with you wherever you go. It’s great to use when sitting in front of the TV, if you’re got a spare few minutes, and is terrific for use as a stress reliever. Using the Handgrip Exerciser will build and tone hand and forearm muscles and improve grip strength. As you get stronger, simply increase the resistance. It may not sound like much, but push yourself and you can really get a sweat on!

#3 Push Up Stands

This push-up frame provides a more comfortable alternative to the standard press-up. It’s foam grip and stable materials means you can enjoy a variation of the push-up in comfort. Depending on your usage of the equipment, the way you position your body when using the stands, it can target multiple muscle groups for a more complete workout. In addition to its various training modes, it’s easy and convenient to carry and store away when not in use. It’s a simple bit of kit that can do wonders for your workout.

#4 Exercise Roller

The Exercise Roller should be an essential part of your home gym if you want to carve out those abs. The saying goes that abs are made in the kitchen, but having equipment like the Exercise Roller at hand will certainly help you get chiselled and cut. It’s straightforward to use, and if used correctly, i.e. rolling back and forth while keeping your legs planted to the ground – you can’t go wrong! – you’ll certainly feel the burn. It really does stimulate your abdominal area, all of your obliques. After giving this a try, you’ll never complain about sit-ups again.

#5 Pedal Exerciser

Let’s move onto cardio. If going out for a run doesn’t tickle your fancy and you don’t have the space or funds to purchase a treadmill or cross trainer, this Pedal Exerciser could be a fine alternative. It’s a very small bit of equipment, but is something that will enable you to get your cardio in. It can be transported into your living room so you can get the heart pumping while watching your favourite program, or can be brought out and used as part of a full-blown workout. The digital tracker enables you to monitor your progress and make gains workout after workout.

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Written by Bhavian Patel