How to Cripple Alcohol Addiction for Good

Overcoming an addiction is a long and hard journey, but there are many successes and individuals are happy to have more control of their life. Alcoholics can feel powerless and unable to stop their addiction, as it has been a way for them to cope with life or was a favorite past time of their that got a little out of hand. When the individual identifies that they are suffering from this type of substance abuse, seeking help and support is the next step to recovery. Individuals can stop themselves from hitting rock bottom and losing everything that they hold dear, such as their family, friends, and job. The methods for alcoholics can either reduce the amount they drink down to healthier and recommended levels to quitting drinking forever.

Stopping the Cycle of Drinking

People are not usually open or aware that they have a substance problem, letting it change their lives for the worse. So, the process to stop drinking will be a gradual, and not a habit you can kick out overnight. When giving up something that has enveloped your life, denial will be one of the first reactions the alcoholic individual will go through. They might say they have their drinking under control, they can handle their liquor, or that they are healthier when they drink as a means to deter people from helping them quit the habit. If they do admit that their drinking has gotten out of hand, they might not actively try to break the chains of alcoholism because the urge is too much and they would like a glass (or more) of wine after a long workday. Taking steps to end one’s alcoholism and seeking help are the best way to tackle this substance abuse.

Ask If it’s Worth It

Ending alcoholism is a huge internal battle. You need to identify why you were drinking in the first place, what tipped you to the point of abuse, and what you will get out of the arrangement once you give up drinking. There are many reasons why alcoholism is so prevalent and difficult to look face-on. Life is hard, and alcohol allows some individuals to ease and forget about their problems, have fun by allowing their wild side to show, and being a way to relax and mingle with others. These supposed benefits came at an unfortunate cost: problems arose in relationships. The benefits and costs of not drinking are much better: relationships can improve, mental and physical capabilities improve, and you will have time and energy to do other activities. Many websites give advice on taking back control of your body against alcohol, like Huffington Post’s article on living a life of sobriety after quitting. When you don’t drink, you might lose buddies who do drink and will have to face life and your responsibilities.

Methods to Reduce or Quit Drinking

Set goals. the process of reducing the amount of drinking can be less and have a higher probability of succeeding than quitting all together right off the bat. There are many options for one to get help:

  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Therapy (Individual, Group, or Family)
  • Sober Living

Many individuals take the path of rehab as having others to guide you on the path is very comforting. For example, Fort Myers rehab in Florida offers many resources to individuals struggling with a substance abuse.

There is a lot of information out there and rehab options, so if you are looking to slow down or quit your drinking habit, reach out in your local community that helps individuals with a substance abuse problem.

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