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11 Gifts You Can Give To An Adult This Easter

Remind a grown-up of the joy of getting gifts on the holidays.

Gifting to children? That’s easy, they are happy with almost any toy, gadget or trinket. Now, adults? What do any of those like? Do they even know themselves what they want? I don’t think so, but I have an idea. While it might appear complicated to find a gift for an adult, these next gift ideas for Easter will help you narrow it down.

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#1 Boston Cocktail Shaker Set​

Complete set for bar and home use. - This elegant shaker set is made of professional food grade 304 stainless steel and comes with an 18 oz unweighted shaker tin and a 28 oz weighted shaker tumbler for the perfect cocktail shaking combo. Along with 1 jigger, 1 muddler, 1 strainer, 1 spoon, 3 liquid pourers, this bar prep set has everything you need to entertain guests and impress them with your mixology skills. The kit comes with its own velvet sleeve which holds all of the tools – perfect for the travelling bartender!

Contributor: Jasmin McGovern from The Urbane Apothecary

#2 Whisper Bidet Toilet Attachment

Whisper is a sleek, simple to use bidet that attaches to toilets in 10 minutes without special tools or electricity. Think of it like a tiny shower for your butt. Whisper makes a great gift because ditching toilet paper and wet wipes for water is life changing.

Contributor: Chad O'Connell from Whisper Bidets

#3 Crystal Wine Decanter Set

Hand Blown, Lead Free Crystal. This wine decanter holds 60 fluid oz, perfect for decanting a standard bottle of wine. Red and white wines need to breathe and open before one can truly capture the nuances, textures, and flavours of the alcohol being consumed. Our wine decanter helps trigger the oxidation through the large, curved body and wide mouth. Exposure to air allows the aromas in your favourite beverages to blossom, which softens the acidic taste that tannins can leave behind. The wine decanter comes with its own protective velvet sleeve – perfect for the travelling wine connoisseur! 

Contributor: Jasmin McGovern from The Urbane Apothecary

#4 Insulated DYLN Water Bottle

It is a perfect gift for health aware people, busy entrepreneurs and just about anyone giving them the ultimate hydration experience with a bottle that makes alkaline, anti-oxidant water on-the-go. All they need to do is pour potable tap water into the bottle and get alkaline water in just 20 minutes! The VitaBead Diffuser (contains “VitaBeads”, a proprietary blend of magnesium + other minerals) lasts up to 315 refills and you can register the bottle to track your usage. 

Contributor: Magda Ziolkowska from DYLN

#9 Viking Grain Acacia Wood Cutting Board

This board can be used year-round to entertain guests with hors d'oeuvres or just create a warm, intimate atmosphere for a tapas meal at home. The piece doubles as both a cutting board and an attractive serving board for charcuterie, fruits, cheeses, and more. It's made from Acacia hard wood, the natural oils of the wood make the cutting board naturally resistant to water and bacteria and created with the end-grain of the wood, giving it a fibrous cutting surface that will let your knifes edge glide between the fibers instead of cutting across long grain boards, minimizing wear on both knives and the board. At a generous 20 x 14 size it is the right surface for slicing a chicken or roast and larger meats, such as whole turkey. The beautiful end-grain cuts of the Acacia board create a natural contrasting patchwork pattern that is unique to each board and also can be used as a great piece for serving tapas and hors d'oeuvres.

Contributor: Sarah O'Connor-Guffey from Viking Culinary

#10 Viking Professional Steakhouse Style Knife Set

The Viking Professional Steakhouse Style Knife Set is more than just a regular set of knives. The restaurant grade 6-knife set is honed from durable German stainless steel with a Pakkawood handle that is double riveted to give the knife balance and offer your favorite home cook a comfortable experience when chopping. The knives are also partially serated, so they are perfect for cutting through things both thick and thin. The set comes in a bamboo gift box and is available in black (below) or red. 

Contributor: Sarah O'Connor-Guffey from Viking Culinary

#11 SpongeBath Premium Sponge

A 100% natural solution and device that kills 99.9% of bacteria in your kitchen sponge. Made in the USA. 

It’s great for families and singles who want to make sure they aren’t spreading kitchen bacteria by not properly sanitizing their sponge daily. 

Contributor: Matthew Flannery from SpongeBath 

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Written by Ben Skute