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20 Memorable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men in 2019

Boyfriend, fiancé, husband… It’s all superficial nomenclature when you have to get a stunning V-Day gift for your #1 guy. We take the guesswork out of the process to reveal the best gift choices you could possibly make this valentine to become girlf, fiancée, or wife of the year.

You most likely already have an itinerary planned out for Valentine’s Day with your boo. It could be a romantic dinner for two, seeing a band you both love, or just spending quality time cozying up at home. However, there’s room for one more thing, which happens to be a cardinal love language of the widely-known five—getting him a memorable valentine gift.

Picking out this superb gift does not have to be nerve-wracking. Which is why we have scoured extensively for the best valentine’s day men gift recommendations that are guaranteed to make his day. Be rest-assured that while culling this list we took cognizance of the fact that men are diverse with wildly different interests and pursuits. We made our selections accordingly and our list truly has it all.

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#1 CannaBeds Mystical Hemp Mattresses

CannaBeds Hemp mattresses are designed and built in Toronto, Canada and available North America wide. Hemp is a natural temperature regulator, hypoallergenic, stronger and softer than cotton and actually kills bacteria for a healthier nights sleep.

Contributor: Tracy Lamourie from Lamourie Public Relations for Cannabeds

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  1. I’m not just saying that either. I literally just got mine delivered to my guest room on Thursday and now I really want to replace my own mattress with one of these!!! Noticeable difference when you first lie down & heaven for aches and pains

#2 Pharaoh Red Famous Historical Character and Event Socks

Pick up one of our expertly designed artwork women’s socks for $9.99, down from $14.99. They make the perfect gift whether they are gifted to your best friend or your old school art teacher.

Made of a cotton polyester mix. One size fits all. Free USA/UK shipping.

#3 Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion and one of the world’s most iconic athletes, Conor McGregor, is proud to introduce Proper No. Twelve. The Irish whisky is a blend of the finest golden grain and single malt. It is produced in an area known for its rich soil and pure spring water. ProperNo. 

Twelve is complex and sophisticated yet smooth and approachable with hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood. Proper No Twelve caused extreme waves amidst an already flourishing industry, by selling six months worth of products within the first 10 days of release, rapidly outpacing supply. Thankfully it is back in stock, get it for your man now, while stocks last!! 

Contributor: Conor Mcgregor from Proper No. Twelve

#4 Just Movie Posters

Guys like going to the movies and many a relationship started over dinner and a movie. So, folks would love to get a movie poster from a favorite film. I have posters for films such as American Reunion, Bridesmaids, The Dark Knight, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Transformers and more. 

Contributor: Ilena Di Toro from Just Movie Posters

#6 Best Sandalwood Beard Oil

Sandalwood has a distinct and masculine scent that's not too strong that's very good for softening and taming beards. While he might not be willing to buy nice things for himself to truly pamper his beard because he's focused on other things, he will be glad he has a nice quality beard oil when he has increased confidence and comfort throughout the day. 

Contributor: Kris Kalish from Penny Parrot

#11 Modern Charcoal Tabletop Grill

Curonian Deco creates modern and unique fire pits, planters and outdoor furniture for organic integration to a contemporary garden and outdoor life. Personal approach, attention to detail and high quality materials create a product that will bring joy for many years. 

Major Features: 

  • weighting just 17 pounds;
  • once lit, it stays hot for up to 1.5 hours; 
  • easy to clean;
  • last years; 
  • will never go out of style 

Contributor: Gintare Skrabulyte from Curonian Deco, LLC

#12 Modello, Coal | Brown Leather + Mesh Barrow Watch

Barrow Watches! For the men that choose not to let time slip away but fill every second with meaning. Included is an additional free strap with each watch, meaning you can easily smarten things up when day turns to night or denim turns to evening wear...kind of like two watches in one! Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass, a solid steel case, handcrafted vegetable tanned leather straps from a leather tannery based in Tuscany, and all comfortably priced, sets Barrow apart from other brands that are less than.

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from ChicExecs PR

#13 CRASH by David Frangioni

“Crash” is an homage to legendary drummers. The author has worked with the greatest and got access to their kits, and gives readers a special, up-close look at their amazing custom-made drum kits. Drummers, rock, and music fans in your life can drool over the detail of these amazing kits and vibrant photos. Whether a standalone gift or an accompaniment to concert tickets, “Crash” is a great gift for men.

Contributor: Laura Shubel from Caster Communications

#15 Dual Ab Wheel

This would make a great gift because it's compact and lightweight for businessmen who are always on the go and would like a quick ab workout in their hotel room, at home, etc.

Contributor: Estrella Gomez from Valeo Fit

#20 NapAnywhere Travel Pillow

The neck pillow reimagined®, for the guys' significant others who are seeking a one-of-a-kind gift. Winner of a Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Goods Show, the NapAnywhere is a great way for guys to rest while en route—whether commuting or traveling, or ideal for a nap in any location—and its supportive design prevents the common crick in the neck experienced after using many other travel pillows. 

Contributor: Beth Shamaiengar from NapAnywhere LLC

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Written by Ben Skute