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7 Gifts For A Retired Teachers | Retired Teacher Thank You Gifts

So you are after a gift for a retired (or soon to retire) teacher. Here are 7 awesome ideas.

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#1 Page Anchor – Prevent your Books from Closing

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It's a small tool that is used by readers and Scandinavian interior lovers to prevent their books from closing. 

From the contributor: We recently sent a survey to our customers. And a big part of them bought Page Anchor as gifts. The reason seem to be because it's a fun and new type of product that isn't only useful and solve a problem - it also looks really good (if I can say that myself). 

Contributor: Marcus Karoumi from Page Anchor

#2 Double Wrap Wolf Face Bracelet

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Each piece has a red bead symbolizing strength and protection, a heart for love and an animal specifically chosen for its commitment to family and community - like a penguin, an elephant or a wolf. 

Luc and Bell jewelry is a lovely gift: 

  • It reminds people of their own strengths and the circle of friends around them. 
  • Each bracelet is handmade. 
  • Packed with meaning, they are small enough to be perfect stocking stuffers. 
  • They are ideal for support groups, families, friends, teams, and children. 
  • Luc and Bell bracelets retail for $12 and a portion of our profits are donated to children in need. 

Contributor: Marta and Pavlina from Luc and Bell

#3 Why Teachers Have the Summer Off Funny Notebook

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There are some kids that are the reason why teachers have the whole summer off - they need it! This 5x7 embellished notebook with school house charm will make any teacher laugh with recognition, and make retiring teachers appreciate realize it there are some things about teaching that won't be missed. 

Contributor: Geri Moran from Vent and Whine

#7 The Original Memory Mittens

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The idea for this product was born out of the desire to preserve a sweater from a loved one in order to keep their memory alive. It all started when a friend asked if we could repurpose an old wool sweater that her late mother had worn to all of her sister’s Olympic ski races. 

To honor her late mother, we carefully refashioned the cherished sweater by cutting it into parts and thoughtfully piecing it together to create handmade mittens that would ensure her mother would always be by her side. 

Contributor: Marilyn Robertson from Jack and Mary Designs

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Written by Ben Skute