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Gift Ideas: 7+ Gifts That Start With The Letter D

So you after a gift that begins with D. Perhaps for your friend Dan? Here are 7+ gifts that start with the letter D.

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#1 Dolphin Studio Calendar, 2019 (48th edition)

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A hand screen-printed, limited-run calendar, designed and printed by the ffrench Family of Stockbridge, MA.

Contributor: Crispina ffrench from The Dolphin Studio

#2 Dot – Smart speaker with Alexa

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The Amazon Echo series is perfect for busy families, and the Dot is the perfect gift on a budget! We use ours for playing music while we clean, monitoring the weather, setting timers while we cook, and relaying messages across the house to one another. We even pack it when we travel to have white noise and a morning alarm readily available in the hotel room!

Contributor: Kristen Skiles from Stepmomming

#3 Dishfish – The Perfect Scrubber

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For those heroes of the holidays – the gracious (and very tired) hosts – there’s DishFish, “the tenacious new shape of clean.” DishFish dual-sided sponges and scrubbers are:

10x stronger, 6x more water absorbent and 2x more absorbent of grease and grime than the leading brand

Contain Exclusive PowerCell™ Technology that gently attacks the toughest stains and messes without scratching sensitive surfaces

Are made with ForeverFresh Foam™ that achieves absolute “wipe dry” results with better-than cellulose absorbency

Good Housekeeping “Tried + Tested” designation for:

  • heavy duty non-scratch scrubbing powers
  • elimination of bad odor while inhibiting bacteria odor, mold, and mildew
  • unique, stand-up, stay fresh & dry tail

Contributor: GinallyApplebaum from TheDishFish

#4 Drizzle Earrings – Handcrafted in Sterling Silver

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Best gift would be a set of Drizzle Earrings, handcrafted in sterling silver. Pairing a geometric exterior with an organic, movable interior, these earrings are the perfect choice for any outfit. Talk about the perfect gift of luxury, handcrafted, small-batch, and designer, all at an affordable price of only $270.00! 

Contributor: Kristen Baird from Kristen Baird® Jewelry

#5 DSLR Microphone: Rode VideoMic

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The Rode VideoMic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit is the perfect gift for someone who wants to add professional quality audio to their DSLR videos. This shotgun style microphone slides into your camera's cold shoe mount and eliminates background noise, only picking up sound in the direction you point it. Perfect for bloggers and YouTube creators. 

Contributor: Jim Schubert from Schubert Photography

#6 Daypack Canvas Military Backpack

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This daypack makes a perfect gift for the average outdoor sports enthusiast. Made with Cordura® for the exterior and coated pack cloth for the interior, it's the perfect accessory that's not only heavy-duty but, durable enough to outlast multiple hiking and camping trips or even everyday use for school or work on-the-go.

Contributor: Dustin Relethford from West Path

#7 Dish Towel Kitchen Workout

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Dish Towel, but not just any old flour sack cloth. This one comes with an easy to follow kitchen workout! It makes a fun fit gift for anyone on your list. While we don't always make it to the gym, we can hit the kitchen every day! This exercise equipment comes in handy not just as a fitness reminder, but for actually drying dishes, too.

Contributor: Shana Schneider from Fitstyle by Shana

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Written by Ben Skute