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Gift Ideas: 6+ Gifts That Start With O

If you’re after a gift that begins with an O, you have come to the right place. Whatever your taste, there is a gift for you on this list beginning with O.

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#1 Onyx Splash Cuff Bracelet

Sterling silver Onyx Splash Cuff which is lovingly made by hand at quaint Savannah, GA based studio. Just so happens, Oprah (the best O ever!) is a fan of this piece and has been seen wearing it multiple times this summer. Talk about luxury, handcrafted, small-batch, and designer at an affordable price of only $425.00. And let me not forget, you even get to pick your natural, ethically-sourced gemstone of choice so customization is another bonus if Onyx isn't your jam!

Contributor: Kristen Baird from Kristen Baird® Jewelry

#2 OttLite Refine LED Desk Lamp

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The OttLite Wellness series of lamps features proprietary LED technology that reduces eye fatigue up to 51%. OttLite desk lamp are the closest thing to natural daylight that you can buy! In addition to being good for you, the Refine lamp is also high-quality featuring a USB port, four brightness settings, two adjustable knobs and a swiveling joint at the shade. It's available in brushed nickel or antique brass. 

Contributor: Catherine Kennedy from Ottlite

#3 Organic Lipstick by Dawes Custom Cosmetics

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Our skin absorbs what we put on it which is why organic cosmetics are important; so our skin can absorb nutrients, beneficial vitamins and minerals from organic ingredients not harmful, toxic chemicals found in chemical compounds. Dawes Custom Cosmetics is not just another lipstick company but an all-natural, cruelty-free, luxury, custom, experience! 

Contributor: Eve Dawes from Dawes Custom Cosmetics

#4 OPI Nail Lacquer

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OPI is known for creating some of the best collections themed of nail polishes. This year OPI is introducing 15 new shades to celebrate the release of the December Disney film version of the Nutcracker. There five types of products to choose from. Fun shades inspired by both the film and the ballet include: Dreams On A Silver Platter, March In Uniform, Ginger's Revenge, Black To Reality, Berry, Fairy Fun and Toying With Trouble.

Contributor: Aisha K. Staggers, Freelance Writer

#5 The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook

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The most appreciated gift for a bride-to-be is one that makes her life easier! I am the author of The Organized Bride’s Thank You Note Handbook: Let Systems and 101 Modern Sample Thank You Notes Take You From Overwhelmed to Organized. It is the perfect engagement, bridal shower, or wedding gift for the bride who has many family members and friends to thank for their generosity. Blenders and toasters are great gifts but one that takes away wedding stress—that’s the best gift of all! And bonus—giving this book as a gift guarantees the gift-giver a thoughtful, personalized, and organized thank you note in return. 

Contributor: Stacey Agin Murray from Organized Artistry, LLC

#6 Oak Whiskey Barrel | S2

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This steel banded oak barrel is a must for any man cave or whiskey lover, and a memorable way to wet your whistle. It holds just over a quart and comes with its own stand, spigot, and bung for convenient serving and filling. This is by far our favorite gift and something we believe is a sure winner during the holidays. 

Contributor: Kate McNeeley from Kustom Products Inc

#7 ONGO Energy Spray MAX

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OnGo is the world's most efficient energy supplement! Just three sprays is similar to an 8.4oz energy drink, and one bottle has a two week supply of 20 servings. 

OnGo is really designed for the consumer on the go, one that's busy and doesn't have the time to stop to purchase, to refrigerate, or to prepare. Imagine a driver that's getting sleepy behind the wheel and the next rest stop isn't for miles away. This pocket-sized bottle stays in your glove box, pocket, etc., and can be used when time is of the essence. 

Of the one in 6 people that drink energy drinks, nearly half do so for the purpose of the effects, and the others for the taste and enjoyment. Our product is all about the effect: 

  • spray
  • swallow
  • energize

OnGo is also endorsed by Chris Mazdzer (3-time Olympian, historic silver medalist) and Trischa Zorn Hudson (Greatest Paralympian/Olympian of all time, winner of 55 Medals.) 

Contributor: AJ. Jain from OnGo Energy

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Written by Ben Skute