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6+ Gifts That Start With The Letter I : Gift Ideas

So you want to pick up a gift for your friend, lover or perhaps your enemy that begins with the letter I. Here are 6+ awesome gifts that start with the letter I.

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#1 Instant Pot Ultra Programmable Pressure Cooker

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Cook everything in your pantry and fridge with one piece of genius technology. Pressure cooker meets slow cooker meets programmable software. 

Brown rice, quinoa and barley in half the time – max. Sauté your meat & veggies, then slow cook all day long to layer all the flavors. The most time you'll ever save cooking meals at home. Not to mention 2-button greek yogurt from scratch.

Contributor: Austin Alvarez from Building Our Rez

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#2 IQbuds Boost Intelligent Wireless Earbuds

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Nuheara's IQbuds™ BOOST are a DIY hearing health solution that allows you to do your own hearing test and then calibrate IQbuds™ to your own hearing profile and then customize to different environments. 

They are the first wireless hearables device in the industry that can map a user’s hearing profile and automatically calibrate for a personalized, optimized hearing experience. Clinically validated by the industry standard NAL-NL2 prescription procedure, IQbuds™ BOOST makes listening effortless, with specialized augmented hearing capabilities that can drastically enrich millions of lives. 

The buds feature EarID, a clinically validated audiometric hearing assessment that calibrates the IQbuds to your unique hearing profile. 97.5% of hearing thresholds derived by EarID are consistently within 5db of those measured in each retest. 

Contributor: Heather Hewit from lotus823 

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#3 I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg by Don Allison

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I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist's Journey Into the Paranormal is an offbeat, captivating book about ghostly encounters. With the keen eye of a veteran journalist and wit of an award-winning column writer, Don Allison shares his encounters with spirits in an upbeat, unusual way. 

Contributor: Don Allison from Faded Banner Publications

#5 IG Charcoal BBQ Grill

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A great appliance for a holiday gift guide is our IG Charcoal BBQ. IG Charcoal BBQ is a stainless steel charcoal barbecue. This barbecue is multi-functional with a grill top that is made especially for cooking skewers. The grill also has other features such as a rotating charcoal handle for raising and lowering the heat level of the charcoal. The grill comes with a sliding ash collector tray for easy and fast cleanup. Lastly, the grill has folding side trays and easy installation. 

Contributor: Phillip Sugarman from IG Charcoal BBQ

#6 isABelt Women’s Invisible Belt in Stretch Fabric

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The isABelt is a thin, strong and flexible belt, that virtually disappears when worn, providing you with the assurance that all is secure without even knowing it's there. 

isABelt prevents back gap (no panties peeking out), slippage and of course, belt bulk (belt bulge). The isABelt solves all these fashion issues and is sleek and goes unnoticed under slim fitting clothing. 

Here at isABelt, we know that women often need a belt but don't like the bulky buckles so often go without...when it's actually needed. isABelt virtually invisible belt offers everything one hopes for in a belt, but has no bulk. No big buckle sticking out, no hard leather around your waist, and is totally slimming. 

  • Extremely durable clasp, Super strong-will NOT come apart until manually unclasped! 
  • Even sleeker and flatter than the original clasp. 
  • Can be worn as a fashion belt revealed or as originally intended to be concealed 
  • TSA Friendly (no need to remove when going through security) 
  • Simple and even fun to use! 

Contributor: Elise Wilkins from isABelt 

#7 KARHU Ikoni Running Shoes

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This is the first running shoe built from the 3D scans of 100,000 runners' feet. These scans and specifically 7 of 12 total data points captured from the scans helped inform the build of the shoe last, a 3D mold which serves as the basis for shoe construction and accounts for shoe dimensions including heel width, instep height, and toe box depth, among other points.

The data comes from the 3D scanning technology fit id™, which the brand, alongside tech company Volumental, launched in-store in 2017 as a new tool to help Fleet Feet's outfitters further personalize product recommendations for its customers by analyzing data pertaining to foot shape and size.

The Ikoni would make a great gift for any runner because its designed to distribute force to targeted areas of the shoe, amplifying momentum and efficiency that can lead to a longer and faster run.

Contributor: Fleet Fleet Inc.

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Written by Ben Skute