6+ Best (Thank You) Football Coach Gift Ideas

Football coaches are massively under-appreciated. They spend the entire season turning their young athletes into elite tier sporting machines. Here are 6+ awesome thank you gifts for your football coach. 

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#1 Anson Belt & Buckle

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The belt bulge isn’t complimentary on anyone! Anson Belt & Buckle has a different approach - a micro-adjustable, hole-less belt. Instead of 5 holes 1-inch apart as in the case of most belts, an Anson Belt has 30+ options ¼ apart, always giving you the perfect fit.

These 30+ sizing increments, or micro-adjustments are enabled due to a ratchet style track system intricately sewn into the back of the strap. The unique Anson buckle has an auto-locking mechanism that catches on the teeth of the track system as the strap slides through the buckle. This allows for over two dozen precise sizing options always giving you an impeccable fit.

Anson Belt offers premium full grain leather options as well as a variety of nylon, canvas and cloth straps, so you’ll be sure to match any outfit whether business or casual. They also have a large range of buckles that can be interchangeable between the same size straps.

Contributor: Tabitha from Anson Belt & Buckle

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  1. I have several of these belts and buckles and they are awesome! Gave them as groomsman gifts for my wedding too and they all loved them! Have hadn’t mine for a couple years and still no creases or issues.

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#2 SereneLife Shiatsu Foot Massager

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A good coach never sits, he has to stand for a living. What better than a Shiatsu Foot Massager to relax after work, and massage and heal his feet. If you want to give a meaningful holiday present, something that will be used and remembered, this is it. 

You can chip in and make it a group present. 

Contributor: Albert Wechsler from Pyle 

#4 VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite

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Football coaches may have VHS tapes from old games, practices and training to preserve. 

Moms, Father, and Grandfathers have chased us around with a video camera our whole life at home, on Vacations and for special events, many of these are locked away in old VHS, VHS-C and Beta tapes. 

Save the precious memories from your own childhood, elder relatives, and more with your new children as they grow. Compare memories and events between generations, saving and sharing them before they are lost to time and technology. Get organized before it's too late! 

Contributor: Michael Romanies from VIDBOX Inc

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Written by Ben Skute