10 Gifts That Look Way More Expensive Than They Actually Are

So you want to impress your friends with gifts that look like they cost the same as a car, but not break the bank? Fear not, here are 10 gifts that look way more expensive than they actually are…

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#1 RAWHYD Leather

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RAWHYD Leather Co. has leather wallets, toiletry kits, and koozies at the moment but more products coming soon like tote bags for women. The leather products are top quality and made with full grain leather. Guaranteed to last! They make great gifts for husbands, dads, sons, etc. Similar products cost at least double in the department stores.

Contributors: Aaron Hughes from RAWHYD Leather Co

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  1. GREAT products!!!

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#3 Lettres Pendant

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Created as a collaboration between painter Jill Moser and jewelry designer Marion Cage, the 26 letters of the alphabet as gorgeous pendants available in either sterling silver or 14k on an authentic leather cord are where jewelry design and art meet. Since the jewelry spans the entire alphabet, there is something for everyone in these adorable, handcrafted pendants that look absolutely amazing with any outfit. 

Contributors: David Ambrogio from Marion Cage 


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Snapstyk is the first full-length selfie stick built into a phone case. It connects to your phone's camera and Apps automatically to capture both photo and video in a SNAP. Simply extend, capture epic moments and share with the world.

Contributors: Raquel Caruso from Snapstyk Inc

#5 Wine Tasting

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We can have one of our Wine Ambassadors come to a home, retail location or office and lead either a casual cocktail-style tasting or a more educational guided sit-down tasting. We suggest groups of up to 20 guests but we can accommodate more guests. 

Contributors: Tiffany Bradshaw from Boisset Collection

#8 PicniKing Cheeseboard

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This cheeseboard makes an awesome gift and looks like it could easily cost twice the price as what is it selling for. The product is of extremely high quality and is considered a great gift for the holiday season, that looks more expensive than it actually is.

Contributors: Kelly King from J & F Investments 

#9 Custom Leather Bags

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Tan & Hide makes handmade custom made handbags, satchels, and accessories. Customers can choose leather, lining, and hardware making it a one in a million bag, not something bought off the shelf. Handbag pricing for custom bags starting at around $150USD.

Contributors: Georgia Mandarino from Tana & Hide 

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Written by Ben Skute