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13 Reasons You Should Visit Malaysia Right Now!

So you’re thinking of visiting Malaysia? Here are 13 reasons why saying yes to any and every offer to go to Malaysia is the right thing to do. These reasons are suggested and written by both locals and tourists

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#1 Best Guinness Outside Ireland

If you’re a Guinness fan, you would love Malaysia. Their Guinness is considered the best in the world after brews from Ireland, and they have awards to prove it. For 5 consecutive years, Malaysia won the Guinness League of Excellence Award. It’s considered a feat to win the award even once, which is why their brews have such a high reputation. Malaysia’s Guinness is best enjoyed while overlooking one of the country’s lush forests or picturesque beaches.

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#2 Climb Mount Kinabalu, Borneo

Located on the island of Borneo (the world’s third largest island) Mount Kinabalu is a challenging but accessible summit to do over two days. Making the summit for sunrise is an unforgettable experience.

Contributors: Warren Dobe from Sling Adventures

#4 Some of the most beautiful islands in the world

Malaysia has so many islands to visit with breath taking beaches!  Redang Island is quiet and has the finest, squeakiest white sand I have ever seen; it's the perfect escape from a hectic lifestyle.  Tioman Island is rugged and rife with nature, from 6ft Monitor Lizards and Flying Foxes to turtles and Mouse Deer.  Perhentian Islands are stunning and a great for snorkelling..  See string rays, reef sharks and turtles very easily.  Langkawi, although much more built up, has long stretches of gorgeous beaches, a glass bottomed Sky Bridge (very scary if you aren't good with heights!) and Pulau Payar Marine Park which has the best snorkelling I have ever experienced.

Contributors: Andrea Crome from SN Travel Holidays

#5 The Hipster Food Scene

Kuala Lumpur is a feast for the senses with an array of mouthwatering foodie destinations. Chocha Foodstore is a hipster's dream with a contemporary Malaysian menu and interesting interior design. Merchant's Lane cafe is a hidden oasis with a fantastic selection of homemade cakes and instagrammable decor.

Contributors: Catherine Lux from Lux Life

#6 Multicultural Malacca

One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting Malaysia is the interplay of all the country's cultural influences. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the coastal city of Malacca. As you explore the Old Town, Malacca's obvious mix of Malay and Chinese elements creates an unusual and visually interesting destination. But the city also has historical remnants from its Portuguese and Dutch colonial past like the Stadthuys and A Famosa ruins. Ultimately, these elements come together to create a rich cultural and historical destination.

Contributors: David Johnston from Travelsewhere

#10 Luxury Retreats

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, but it is also home to some of the finest luxury retreats and spas to be found anywhere on the globe. If you are in search of somewhere to be pampered Malaysia is the place to go.World-class resorts can be found throughout the island, offering extraordinary spa menus. Whether you need to detox, de-stress, lose weight or just relax in paradise, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. These resorts are set in idyllic areas, providing stunning ocean views and tranquil surroundings.

Contributors: Frances Geoghegan from Healing Holidays

#11 The District Of The Cameron Highlands

Up in the mountains of the Malaysian peninsula lies the terribly picturesque district of the Cameron Highlands. This is the tea-growing heart of Malaysia, with rows of tea plants blanketing the hillside. In this lush environment, the other special attraction is the Mossy Forest, a misty habitat with a treasure trove of diverse fauna and flora. Naturally, with this altitude you also get superb views over this part of the Malaysian landscape.

Contributors: David Johnston from Travelsewhere

#12 Sky Mirror, Sasaran Beach, Kuala Selangor

The Sky Mirror is a newly-discovered natural wonder that only emerges for a few days each month and reflects the mirror-like sky. You make the most of it by taking fun photos, capitalising on your own mirror image. When to go: On the 1st and 15th of the lunar month, and four days before and after these dates, when the tide is low.

Contributors: Namrata Bhawnani from Ecophiles

#13 Tropical Fruit

One of the best reasons to visit Malaysia is to experience the amazing selection of tropical fruits. This isn't simply limited to discovering unique varieties like starfruit and mangosteen. You'll also find that in Malaysia they have myriad ways to enjoy their bountiful fruit. Besides fresh fruit, you'll come across roadside stalls selling fruit that is battered and fried, like fried bananas and fried jackfruit. You can alsofind a variety of dried and preserved fruit for snacking, like dried mango and preserved prunes. There's even a popular fruit and vegetable salad with a spicy peanut dressing called *rojak*. You'll never look at fruit the same way again!

Contributors: Lynn Kastner from Mad Hatters NYC

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