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10 Content Marketing Ideas For Marketing Firms

Content marketing can be surprisingly fun. Here are 10 clever content marketing ideas for your marketing firm to drive leads, sales and brand awareness.

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#1 Public Competition

A really cool thing to do is to turn the brainstorming process into a public competition. Let users generate ideas, implement them in the strategy, and let them get involved. You are not only getting your name out there, but you also generate some buzz around the upcoming campaign for you client.

Contributors: Andrej Bachtin from LooSo

#2 Aggregate Content from Others

Instead of producing every blog and social post in-house, outsource to local businesses or freelancers who're looking for a little help with their PR. By quoting other people in your posts and articles, people may share the content on their website and across their social channels, giving you greater reach from your posts and more backlinks to your website.

Contributors: Alexander Lewis from Lewis Commercial Writing

#3 Become a Local Business News Publisher

Local marketing agencies should consider becoming an authority in local news within their target industry. If your marketing firm specializes in small-medium size businesses, begin featuring local news segments about the latest achievements, controversies, and news going on within that business demographic.If you're producing high-quality content, you'll build a reputation as the experts in your chosen field. Your target business clients will also become your main readership.

Contributors: Alexander Lewis from Lewis Commercial Writing

#4 Podcasting

Podcasting is an excellent way for marketing firms to reach new audiences and build trust with their existing audience. It also has the ability to position the firm as a thought-leader and/or expert in their space, as very few people are doing it well, especially when compared with blogging, which is so common these days.

Contributors: Steph Taylor from Socialette

#5 Add A Visual Element

Be sure to add a visual element to each and every content piece. This will prevent viewers from getting bored since the page won't be filled with a bunch of text. Images also make the blog look more appealing and exciting to read.

Photo and video contests are easy to enter and provide your company with a bunch of consumer generated content. Plus, it will get those photographers and videographers really excited and make them remember the company.

Contributors: Nicole Letendre from Bonafide

#6 Go Live

Facebook's algorithums prefer video content over any other form of content. In fact, Facebook prefers live FB videos and pushes live videos up in the feeds. This is great because this gives you the opportunity to showcase your team, your behind the scenes, your client testimonials, and content because will never have the chance to see about who you are as a company. Best part about it, this can be done with your phone and requires ZERO production cost.

Contributors: Vicky Llerena from Social Vibes Media

#8 YouTube

Start a youtube channel, youtube is the world's past time. When you understand this you can analyze why that is. Sort of strange isn’t it? Much of the content isn’t professionally produced, and even when it is, it’s made for much less than other media content. So what is it about youtube? Youtube is short and digestible content. That means if you want your youtube content to be successful it needs to be short and pack a punch.

Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

#9 Diversify

There are so many places you can put your content these days. From Facebook to Twitter, even Pinterest, all of these are great for sharing your content. More importantly, you should be sharing your content on multiple pages.

Contributors: Nate Masterson from Maple Holistics

#10 Blog

Blogs are not only a great way to elaborate on current trends, industry news, and company updates, but they’re also an incredible tool for improving your SEO. As a marketing firm, it’s crucial to have good SEO for your own brand not just to get new clients, but show you know something about this marketing tactic. SEO is crucial for gaining traffic to your website and educating potential customers about your brand.

Contributors: Cory Sarrett from Online Optimism

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