What Makes a Combat Boot a Tactical Boot?

Boots are typically for more rugged terrain and long hikes. But when you’re talking about more specific types of boots and their purposes, you can hone in on specific details that apply to tactical boots alone. Here’s a brief overview of what makes a combat boot a tactical boot.

Traction and Grip

One difference you might notice with tactical boots is that they’re much grippier than normal hiking boots. The treads are much deeper, and the rubber is more durable and lighter in weight. So it can grip and really get into just about any kind of terrain that you can imagine. In tactical settings, you also need the ability to maneuver from place to place very quickly. These kinds of situations are where this added traction really shines.

Overall Comfort

Because tactical environments can go on for long periods, your boots need to be comfortable and well-fitting. Tactical boots are rigid and tough enough to get you through some of the hardest climates and conditions. With smooth and well-padded midsoles, they can go on and on forever without the wearer even realizing how far they’ve hiked. One thing is certain. Companies make military tactical boots to last.

Foot Support

So much work and research contribute to this boot style, especially regarding foot support. Companies have incorporated advanced technology into the heel and arch area. They use things like memory foam and high-end polymers to deliver lasting comfort that won’t quit no matter how long you wear the boots and how rough you get with them. Mesh polymer fibers are also around the sides of the ankles and in other key spots of the foot. These allow moisture and heat to release from the boot, which helps to wear them for long periods.

Military service members spend lots of time in training with their boots on. They also wear boots in the field. This means that they need all the support that they can get. The support it provides through its design is what makes a combat boot a tactical boot. It can outperform any other boot and is suitable for some of the harshest environments and the longest outings.

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