5 Interesting Facts About the American Flag

The American flag is a symbol full of fascinating history and cultural significance. Learn the most interesting facts about the American flag and impress your friends with your knowledge of history. These fun facts may come in handy on trivia night!

Flag Vocabulary

The canton is the blue section of the flag that carries the 50 white. The fly is the flag section with the thirteen red and white stripes.

The First Flag

The United States’ first flag, called the Grand Union Flag or the Continental Colors, features a Union Jack in the canton instead of today’s stars. The Grand Union Flag is the first-ever flag of the United States and was created in 1775.

Flagpole Facts

Flagpoles can be made of steel or fiberglass, but they are usually made of aluminum because it is lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Installing a flagpole in your yard can increase the value of your home. Flagpoles are also an excellent way to add curb appeal to your house.

The Flag Resolution of 1777

In 1777, a flag resolution passed by the Second Continental Congress defined the flag as having thirteen red and white stripes and a canton with thirteen white stars in a blue field. This resolution helped to define the flag as we know it today. Still, variations in flags existed because the resolution never specified exactly how to lay out the stars and stripes or how many points the stars should have.

Updates to the Flag

The updates to the Star-Spangled Banner are some of the most interesting facts about the American flag. Updates to the flag include a star for each state as it entered the Union and these changes go into effect the Fourth of July after a state joins. The longest-lasting flag is our current flag, known as the Hawaii flag, instituted on July 4, 1960.

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