3 Bucket List Activities To Conquer in the New Year

We’re already three months into 2022, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still think about improving our lives. Even if you’ve broken a few of your new year’s resolutions, there’s plenty of time to try new things and challenge yourself to be better.

Many people have a bucket list that spells out their biggest hopes and dreams. Seeing as the past few years have been a bit of a standstill, now is the perfect time to start crossing out those goals. Here are three bucket list activities to conquer in the new year.

Conquer a Fear

Fear can hold us back from our true potential. Whether rational or not, fear can prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Think of your biggest fear. Is it spiders? Heights? Or something deeper, like finding love?

It’s ok if you think your fear sounds ridiculous when spoken out loud. By recognizing your fears, you can take steps toward getting over them. For this new year, try starting small and working towards conquering larger fears.

Explore the Country

Many people have destinations on their bucket lists. While traveling abroad is highly rewarding, many people forget how much the US has to offer. There are countless must-see destinations for you to discover in the US this spring and throughout the year. Plus, domestic travel is way more affordable than international.

Change Careers

Is your current job unfulfilling? Does it bring you more stress than rewards? It’s never the wrong time to consider making a career change to reinvigorate your life. Many people find they can make sizable livings doing their hobbies.

Online marketplaces such as Facebook and Etsy offer individuals the opportunity to monetize their passions. Or, if you’re hoping to make a more significant career jump, consider going back to school for something you love. Always ensure that you are in a solid financial standing before uprooting your job.

No matter how you choose to spend 2022, remember to think about ways to make a positive change. Consider these three bucket list activities to conquer in the new year as you work on improving yourself.

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