Why Cybersecurity Is Important for the Power Grid

In the past two decades, significant hacks of various countries’ power grids have uncovered our infrastructure’s vulnerability to ill-intentioned governments and individuals. America possesses excellent defense systems; however, our own power supply is quickly becoming outdated, and the threat of a widespread attack is more possible now than ever. Here are the three reasons why cybersecurity is important for the power grid and how it protects our way of life.

Widespread Consequences

You might be wondering what our power grid actually does. In short, it powers nearly every aspect of our society, from the internet to the lights in your home. If the grid were to go dark, millions of citizens relying on medical aid would be without power in countless hospitals and clinics. Businesses would lose the ability to function correctly, and valuable services would cease to exist.

Global Economy

Our country remains an economic superpower, and the global economy relies on the success of the US dollar. Therefore, having a protected power infrastructure isn’t just crucial for the US—the world relies on our security. In the event of a widespread attack on our power grid, international business would be halted, causing billions of dollars lost in commerce and trade. Plus, the state of global stocks would be in flux, causing worldwide depressions.

Domestic Infrastructure

Of course, a power grid attack would be detrimental to our own country. As we just stated, the economy would delve into chaos and affect millions of businesses and individuals. Additionally, the physical country would become vulnerable to invasions and attacks. We haven’t seen a war on American soil since the Civil War, and another nation hasn’t attacked our land since Pearl Harbor. Protecting our power grid keeps our home safe and highly protected from foreign attacks.

Understanding why cybersecurity is important for the power grid might make you a bit nervous about the country’s future. In actuality, knowing how and why these systems are so crucial better prepares America in the event of an attack. Competent firewalls and counter-hackers also protect our way of life. These practices are similar to the ones you’ll find in basic data centers, such as three-phase power infrastructure. Rest assured that we have a great defense system and would most likely bounce back from any significant hacking.

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