The 3 Hidden Hazards of Household Cleaning Products

Cleaning supplies are essential for keeping your home clean and tidy. However, you’ll see only the primary ingredients shown on the labels.

Additionally, most of these items contain harmful chemicals that may affect your health and cause damage to your home and the environment. Here are the three hidden hazards of household cleaning products.

Physical Health Hazards

There’s no limit to the number of cleaning products you’ll find on the shelves at the local supermarket. From kitchen items to bathroom cleaners, there’s a different bottle for every room in your home. You might not know that many of these supplies contain harsh chemicals. Some of the most common are ammonia, chlorine bleach, and phosphates. With over-exposure, these compounds pose a massive threat to your physical health and well-being.

Inhalation of these fumes can cause a range of short- and long-term health issues, including headaches, nausea, and vomiting. Ammonia is also an irritant to the eyes and respiratory system. This can cause temporary blindness if it comes into contact with your eyes and, in extreme cases, various cancer growths after prolonged exposure.

Household Damages

Many of the chemicals found in household cleaning products cause progressive property damage. Chlorine bleach, for example, is a corrosive agent that damages surfaces over time. It’s also highly flammable, so it’s essential to keep it away from heat sources, like ovens and stoves.

Most professional plumbers don’t recommend the use of liquid drain cleaners as they contain caustic chemicals that damage your pipes over time. While these products kill bacteria, they also eliminate good bacteria that naturally clean the pipes. This leads to blocked and smelly drains over time.

Long-Term Effects

Have you ever cleaned your bathtub with a cleaning product, rinsed it off, and seen white streaks on the surface of the tub? These are deposits left behind by hard water. However, they’re also a result of harsh chemicals found in household cleaning products. The residue from these cleaners builds up over time, becoming difficult to remove.

Additionally, chemicals used in fragrance-dispensing products are volatile, meaning they evaporate quickly. This damages certain surfaces that rely on moisture, like fine woods.

By recognizing the three hidden hazards of household cleaning products, you can effectively protect your home and family from illness and damage. While it’s essential to keep your house clean and tidy, it’s also crucial to use safe and effective cleaning items. Look for products made with natural ingredients, like vinegar and baking soda. These are gentle on your health and the environment, and they still do the job well.

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