How To Properly Maintain Your Local Retention Pond

Retention ponds are areas filled with water that react to certain weather conditions like rainfall and runoff. You can typically find retention ponds sprinkled throughout neighborhood areas in communities around the country.

Today, let’s discuss how to properly maintain your local retention pond to ensure a safe space for citizens, pets, and underwater species.

Repair Mechanical Elements

Retention ponds usually contain fountains to make them more appealing and beautify the area. These fountains generally function utilizing pumps, gates, and other mechanical components.

To maintain the pond, you must regularly inspect and repair the specific parts that enable the function of different aspects. Broken fountains can put the pond and surrounding area under a negative light.

Be sure to have a team on hand that can repair specific factors in the pond whenever needed.

Control Weeds

Regular maintenance steps for retention ponds include removing and controlling weeds and tall grass, mowing the surrounding lawn, and ensuring healthy soil.

Invasive plants like phragmites, weeds, cattails, and others often thrive near water environments, making them a hassle to control. These plants tend to push out specific vegetation that the retention pond needs.

You might consider using more natural solutions to remove unwanted species by combining white vinegar, salt, and dish soap to create a mixture that won’t harm the environment or animals.

Remove Excessive Trash

Excessive trash can make any retention pond appear messy and unclean, which can reflect on the neighborhood as well.

Extra trash can also harm the environment, especially if certain products contain chemicals. These chemicals and toxic products can seep into the water, contaminating the water supply.

Be sure to gather a team of employees who can regularly collect trash and remove pollutants in the space.

Install Proper Protection

One of the best ways to preserve your retention pond is to choose to install a pond liner that can protect your water supply from corrosion and contaminants.

Water liners are essential for adequately protecting your retention pond from pollutants, damage, and other harmful factors.

Now that you understand how to properly maintain your local retention pond, you can ensure a safe water supply for your community.

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