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Some Interesting Facts About Your Pet Rabbits

If you love animals, you might be wondering about keeping pets at your house. While everyone has a dog or a cat at their home, rabbits make up for a unique and exciting choice of pets.

Contrary to anything you might have, you heard you could domesticate rabbits, and they are great pets.

Once you start learning about them, you will find they are much more than carrot-loving furry animals. Rabbits have great personalities, and they are fun animals to play with.

Moreover, you can even train your pet rabbits. They are intelligent animals, making them easy to train once their masters learn the correct way to train their rabbits.

Here are some interesting facts about rabbits.

Can’t Live-off Eating Carrots

This is not even a surprise, as every photo of rabbits that you must have seen must be of them munching on a carrot. However, they can’t only survive on a diet of carrots as they also need other food items, and they are also fond of weeds, grasses, and clovers. If you plan to adopt a rabbit, ensure you do not over-feed them carrots since they contain sugar and may cause tooth decay.

They are Big Animals

Most of the rabbits you might have seen must be small, probably the size of a chihuahua. But, some breeds like the Flemish Giant rabbit can weigh up to 22 pounds and reach a length of two and a half feet. No matter how giant these bunnies are, they are arguably one of the friendliest animals on the planet.

Their Young Ones are Called Kittens

You might be surprised, but a newborn rabbit is also called a kitten, just like a cat’s offspring. Subsequently, the young rabbits are also called kits in some parts of the world. Commonly, the male rabbits are referred to as bucks; meanwhile, their female counterparts are called does.

Rabbits Do Binkying When They’re Happy

If you have spent enough time with your pet rabbit, you may have noticed one of the cutest behaviors in nature. They hop and twist mid-air in excitement or whenever they are happy. It is a charming sight when you see your furry little friend bouncing around in joy. This adorable action is called a binky.

Rabbits Groom Themselves

Just like cat grooms itself by licking its fur to keep itself clean, a rabbit exhibits the same behavior. This makes them a low-maintenance pet as they can groom themselves, which means you will not have to bathe them or keep clean as much.

A 360-degree Vision

When you get your pet rabbits, you will realize that it is challenging to sneak up because they have 360-degree views. Rabbits can see you coming from behind or the side even without turning their heads. So, they can’t only see what’s coming at them from the side, but they can see upwards and downwards as well.

These are some of the interesting facts about rabbits. These little furballs are extremely playful, easy to train, and amiable animals, and all these qualities make them perfect pets.

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