Tips for Making Laundry Day More Efficient

Having clean, fresh clothes to wear is certainly great. However, taking time on laundry day to sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away clothes can be frustrating. Luckily, making laundry more accommodating can be surprisingly straightforward. Try these tips for making laundry day more efficient and less intrusive.

Find a Laundry Service

If you barely have time to fit laundry into your busy schedule, you can always turn to a professional laundry service for help. Although specific services vary between laundry companies, the main focus is to be a place you can drop off laundry.

Further, you can drop clothes off with peace of mind knowing an expert is cleaning them with care and any special instructions you provide. You can even find professionals offering pick-up and drop-off residential laundry services.

As the name suggests, pick-up and drop-off services involve someone picking up laundry from your home and dropping it off when it’s clean. This means less time sitting in traffic getting to a laundry service in houston and more time focusing on work, family, and beyond.

Prioritize Multiple Laundry Days

One of the best tips for making laundry day more efficient involves not having a laundry day in the first place. More specifically, try spreading out your laundry hauls over multiple days. After all, the more time you don’t do laundry, the more clothes pile up, adding to the time you spend cleaning.

If you make laundry a daily habit, you can do lighter loads quicker. Lighter loads knock time off cleaning and drying cycles as well as sorting and folding.

Sort Clothes Right Out of the Machine

Speaking of sorting your clothes, that’s one step you can speed up in a very straightforward way. When placing clothes in your hamper, organize them according to colors, fabrics, or any other preference that best suits your load. Of course, this helps when you’re sorting clothes before a wash to ensure everything comes out as fresh and vibrant as it should.

That said, this also comes in handy after drying clothes. By organizing clean clothes by shirts, socks, and so forth right out of the dryer, you can put them in your closet and drawers quicker. Suffice it to say, it’s the seemingly smallest details that can make a big difference in laundry efficiency.

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