The Best Cuts for Poodles To Try This Year

Are you bored with your dog’s current style and looking for something new? Your poodle deserves the most glamorous, luxurious, and beautiful cuts out there. These are the best cuts for poodles to try this year.

Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is particularly popular among poodles and other long-haired dog breeds. You’ll notice longer fur around their face for a soft, rounded appearance, while the rest of the hair is trimmed to a shorter uniform length. How adorable would your pup look with this cut?

Puppy Cut

Another popular trim among poodles that allows you to turn back time is the puppy cut. It’s a natural look that will leave your fur baby with an all-over even cut. It’s very customizable, so be sure to talk with your groomer regarding the length that will best fit your preferences and your dog’s lifestyle.

Summer Cut

Are you looking to help your dog beat the summer heat? Tell your groomer you’d like a low-maintenance summer cut! It will keep your poodle’s fur short to help them stay cool in the warm weather.

German Trim

Would you like your poodle to look fancy but not too fancy? With the power of sharp angles, the German trim will give your dog a strong profile. The hair on their legs is left long and tapers to a shorter cut around your dog’s body and ears.

This option is perfect for an active poodle or dogs who get frequent ear infections.

Continental Cut

Does your poodle deserve a glamorous hairstyle? Look no further than the continental cut! You’ll find this trim standard among show dogs. Part of your dog’s face, feet, tail, and throat are shaved with this trim. It’s easily recognizable by the pom-pom fur on the tail, hips, and ankles, though it keeps the fur long on the poodle’s rib cage and chest.

Ideally, your poodle should be seeing the groomer every six to eight weeks, depending on which trim style your pup has. However, during the first year of their life, they may visit the groomer more often because they go through a coat change. Make sure you try one of the best cuts for poodles.

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