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What Qualifies As A Physical Assault?

Violence is a crime. Any type of violence is punishable by law, and no one, regardless of social status, race, gender, and other social standards, should experience pain inflicted by others. No matter what the reason is, no matter who the victim is.

A case is considered as physical assault when a person or a group tries to engage in violent commotion by provoking and physically attacking an individual. This applies to both with and without the use of any kind of weapon. A person can also be charged with physical assault even when he just made fearful threats in harming a person. If you’re a victim of physical assault, you can reach out for help and legal assistance to a trusted assault and battery lawyer. It’s time to speak up, speak out, and give your abuser the punishment they deserve.

Below are some circumstances that qualify as a physical assault to serve as your guide and reference in court.


The law considers a case as physical assault even without inflicting direct physical pain to the victim. A person’s words can hold so much value, even in court. If the accused is proven to have bad-mouthed the victim in the form of insults or evoked fear in him in the form of death threats, the defendant will be punished as mandated by the law. It might be an “empty threat” or a “friendly insult” to some, but to others, it can be a reason for anxiety and the development of other psychological problems.


A situation that includes force and brutality is the most vital and most evident basis for physical assault. This can come in different forms, such as attacking someone first or attacking them when they’re clueless or powerless, inflicting struggles upon others by choking or torturing them, and fighting the victim with or without the use of any weapon. All of these are considered physical assault, and if the accused is proven to be guilty, the law can give a grave punishment.


Physical assault is more than just the fights and direct, physical contact with the victims. It can also be done even when the perpetrator is meters away from them. For those who have experienced feeling threatened by others in instances like they made a fist, acting like they are aiming at you, or developing anxiety because someone is bugging your peace and stalking you – know that this can become a firm ground for physical assault.

Injuries made by force

Violent actions such as punching a person and creating a minor or major injury can also qualify as physical assault. The punishment, however, may differ from case to case. There are possible reasons that might mitigate the overall sentence of the case. Like when it is found out that the accused was provoked by the victim first and other potential factors that might lead to the accused using force as a last resort.

Physical assault can come in many forms, and if you’re a victim of it, you have to start believing that your struggles and experiences are valid. Speak up before it gets worse. Being silent does not make it any better over time. It will only get heavier, and you don’t deserve the baggage your abuser is forcing upon you.

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