The Benefits of a Sober Living Facility

A sober living facility is a home where recovering addicts transition to, after finishing their recovery program in a rehabilitation center. The facility is meant to provide a conducive environment that provides security, comfort, and mental stability for people who have abused substances in the past. This steady, constant progression of self-discipline and self-awareness, enables the former addict to integrate into society eventually.

Difference between the Rehab and a Sober Living Facility

It can be easy to confuse a sober living facility with a rehabilitation facility. Although both are principled to combat the same issue, they are not the same.

When a person goes to rehab, it means that they are addicted to one or both of the following: Drugs and Alcohol. Once they get there, they have to go through the ups and downs of withdrawal and detoxification of the drugs or alcohol from their system. Consequently, with much-needed 24/7 guidance and support from doctors, counselors, and nurses, they get better and become sober.

There are strict rules and regulations to adhere to while in the facility, all geared towards maintaining their sobriety. They also have no freedom to leave the facility, until their designated number of days to be there, is up.

A sober living facility, on the other hand, is for the recovering addict. Once they undergo the rehab, they can then go to a sober living facility, which offers more leeway for freedom. This is like a gateway to slowly easing back into society.

The stay is like living in your own home. You can leave and return as you so wish, but there is a curfew and certain, distinct rules you need to abide by. The number one rule, of course, is no drugs or alcohol is allowed and you must remain sober. There are consequences for violating these rules, and the ultimate result for not following them would be expulsion from the facility.

Who is eligible to Live in a Sober living facility?

The main eligibility requirement is that you completed a rehabilitation program, before coming to the sober living facility. Alternatively, if that is not the case, you must undergo a detox program to live there. It all varies and depends on the facilities’ rules and setup.

The bottom line is that the whole point of checking into a sober living facility is to quell temptations and not fall back into old substance abuse habits.

Benefits of Living in a Sober House

Support System

There are many beneficial outcomes when one enrolls in a sober living facility. The individual has a support system that is there to ensure that you stay on the right path of sobriety. There has to be accountability for any of your actions. Also, there are group meetings that encourage transparency and motivation to stay sober. Counselors are available as well if you need to talk to someone when it gets overwhelming.

Maintaining sobriety is not an easy task. It’s a constant mental fight you have to endure for the rest of your life. However, you are in control when you say no. Once you admit that you have a problem, then that translates to the mind and body that you don’t want or deserve the abuse anymore.

Great Environment for getting back on track

The facility also provides a peaceful, calm environment that enables recovering addicts to have time for reflection of self-awareness and purpose in their lives. Not only can you find a job, but you can also slowly but surely, start to mingle with like-minded individuals who are also determined to lead a clean life.

The best part about reflecting is that you’re able to come to terms with who you were, and who you are now. Once you are on that path of self-reflection, the purpose for your life slowly starts to unravel.

Moreover, relapse is unlikely when your environment is free and clear of peer pressure, enabling family members, friends, and judgemental people.

You start to learn and embrace responsibility

While using, most people don’t take responsibility for their actions. Family members end up performing the tedious task of trying to help them. As a result, they lose all insight of realizing how irresponsible they are, and that they need to change.

Luckily enough, a sober living facility ensures that you are taking responsibility for yourself and doing so every day. You are put to task to do better and be better. You are encouraged to look for a job and you also complete chores that have been assigned to you. This, in the end, instills some kind of responsibility.

Reconciliation with family members

Being in the facility gives you the perfect opportunity to reconcile with family members that you hurt or wronged while you were abusing substances. In a clearer state of mind, you can communicate effectively and offer an olive branch, clear the air, and apologize for all your past wrongdoings.

Forgiving yourself

Reconciling with yourself is also vital in the recovery process. It’s not only other people that need your forgiveness, but you also need to forgive yourself. Letting go of the abuse is also letting go of the shame, embarrassment, and self-loathing you have welled up inside. The facility offers time for new revelations to happen in your challenging journey of healing.

In conclusion

All in all, it is safe to say that a sober living facility provides the ideal environment for helping anyone who has gone through rehab and is ready to get back into society. The cost of living in one varies from state to state. Furthermore, you can find one that is state-funded and offers you insurance coverage. Unfortunately, those are not easy to come by.

Luckily enough, these facilities are priced decently, so that it’s affordable for anyone to live there. There are those high-end ones that come with a hefty price, but there’s an assortment of sober living facilities in different price ranges situated all over the country.

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