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DGT Electronic Board and Beginners Guide

No doubt, DGT electronic board is a game-changer in the modern chess world. This board comes with powerful features and functionalities that boost your playing experience. But one thing is true – the e-board is pricey. You need to have a thick pocket to own it.

Fortunately, you are among the lucky guys. Your financial status enabled you to buy a DGT e-board. However, it is your first time to have such a premium chessboard. You have zero ideas on how to use it in changing your chess skills.

If this is your case, you are in the right place. You are going to learn the way you can utilize the DGT electronic board as a beginner to transform how you play chess games. Keep on reading to learn more.

Turn on the training mode

Are you new to chess? Being a newbie in anything comes with a package of fear. You do not want to fail or suffer a defeat on your first leg in chess. However, winning as a beginner can be a mirage if you do not have the right gaming skills. You learn through failures until you get the tactic to wedge out your opponents.

With the DGT e-board, you do not have to perform a trial and error experiment. The board has all you need to dip your legs in chess and win your first game. This e-board comes with a training mode where you can learn how to play chess.

The option equips you with all tricks and knowledge on weak areas that an opponent can utilize to push you out. As a beginner using this e-board, turn on the training mode should be your priority. Take time to learn the best way to make impactful and winning moves, and your journey to a chess champion will begin instantly.

Play online

After learning the tricks, it is time to put them into action. The DGT electronic board comes with two options for playing online. The first option is where you can play against a computer. The computer chess software has games that you can tackle against it online.

The second option is where you can face a real opponent. This board allows you to play against an opponent virtually and challenge them. With it, you will not need to find your relative or peer to play your favorite game. Instead, you can play at any time, any place around the clock.

Store and retrieve your moves

Success in your next game comes from avoiding the mistakes you made in your previous one. This principle is no different in chess. You will play better when you learn from your past mistakes. This can only happen by analyzing your moves to understand where you made a wrong decision.

DGT e-board works as the best partner for accomplishing this goal. The piece has a store and retrieve option. Through it, you can store every move you make. Once the game is over, you can retrieve and analyze them. This way, you will keep learning and improving your chess skills.

Enjoy powerful features

Luxury and premium are the best words to describe DGT electronic board. Now that you have one, you are open to the world of great and powerful features. The chessboard comes with Bluetooth connectivity that enhances your flexibility. You can play from the couch or patio as you enjoy the evening breeze.

Also, it features a DGT Pi connection. This option enables you to play without having to check your computer screen. If you have a fan base, you can entertain them as you make your moves on the board. This e-board has a live broadcast feature that enables you to record and live stream your tournament.

So, now you know what the DGT electronic board has to offer. Utilize it to sharpen your chess skills.

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